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    Can you change the nature of a person?

    The old Swami was observing. The young boy in a tattered shirt was trying to flee, but he was surrounded by many men. A man slapped him. The boy fell down. Two or three men came forward and started kicking the boy. Swamiji intervened.
    Swami: Beta, why are your beating him?
    A man: Pranam, Swami-ji. The boy was employed by the tea-shop owner. But see, what has he done? He has broken the cash box of the shop and was trying to flee. Fortunately we caught him.
    Swami: Hmmm… Let me talk to the boy.
    Swami (to the boy): Beta, don't worry. Is it correct?
    The boy didn't reply.
    Swami: Beta, I am asking something.
    The boy answered in positive. On further prodding, the boy told that although the tea-shop owner fed him, he stole money to purchase clothes for himself.
    Swami stared at him for some time and then announced: Come with me. You can stay at the Ashram. By the grace of Almighty, we (the Sadhus of the Ashram) will look after your needs.
    Another man: Swami-ji, we know the father of this boy. He was a petty thief. His mother was also infamous in the locality. Both of them have died. The boy carries their genes.
    Swami-ji looked at him sharply. The man became silent. Swami-ji took the boy with him.


    (Several years later……)

    The Ashram is full of people. Not only the local people, the sacred Ashram is full of policemen. Inside the Ashram in a small room, the old Swami is lying senseless. The vault kept in the room is open; it is totally empty.

    Another Sadhu gives the statement to the police: The old Swami had brought the young boy from the road. The boy was orphan. Swamiji took personal interest in him, taught him personally and eventually the boy became a Graduate. He didn't leave the Ashram and started working here as an Accountant. The old Swami trusted the young man. Yesterday we received a very big donation and it was kept in the vault. At night, the man entered the room, hit the old Sadhu with a stick and took away the entire amount from the vault.

    The man, who had opposed the old Swamiji years ago when he took the boy to the Ashram, is also present. He nods sadly and says to himself: Can the gene go wrong? Can you change the nature of a born criminal?

    (Competition entry for TOW contest for the week 28th May - 3rd June'17- Nature)
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    Oh what a nice write up connecting the gene of a criminal mind who wont change even the society want to change. In this regard I want to share this. If a person has some attitude it cannot be changed at all. For example the boy being thief, that habit cannot be changed, that means HABIT cannot be changed, even if H was removed, that means he be given good class, A BIT will be there, that means he wont change, and even if others would pursue and ask him to change the attitude, BIT will be there, fed up over his persistent bad behavior and consistent counseling, IT will be there. Hope you got it,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    very creative and well framed story. I enjoyed the reading it. I think genes has nothing to do with crime . it is the environment and greed of the people. This story may not be true it is an imagination.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    It is very difficult to change the nature of a human being. Some qualities will come from our parents. Some we will imbibe.

    A dog when somebody shouts at it, thinks that we should not come this way again but next day again it will follow the same route.

    When somebody dies and we go with the body to grave yard we Will think that finally we will also come here like this, so we should be good. But the next day we will be as ever

    We can't make the tail of a dog straight and the same way can't change the nature of a man.

    always confident

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    A very good story presented by Mr. Partha. Nice creativity by Mr. Partha. Now I want to add that sometimes gene changes due to different condition. The sudden change in gene due to any factor is called mutation. And Hugo de Vries is called father of mutation.
    So it is possible to change gene. Genetic engineering is an example of it.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    It is very correct that we can not change the nature of a person. The inbuilt qualities or vices remain intact inside that person and for some time we can control him under pressure or strict vigilance but as soon as he gets opportune situation he will show his colour.

    The person can change only in one condition when he wants to correct himself and tries his best to change his habits. This is not very common as there are few individuals who are willing to change.

    A thief or a cheat will always be attracted to valuables and can not control himself to steal them if he gets an opportunity to do so. He will always be obsessed with worldly temptations.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Once a Philosopher was talking to another friend by sitting in a park near a pond. A scorpion came on that side bites the philosopher's hand, as the philosopher shakes the hand the scorpion fell into the water. Immediately the philosopher took the scorpion out and leave in the surface but it again bit him and fell into the water.Again the philosopher took out the scorpion and left on the surface at a small distance. The friend asked the philosopher though the scorpion bite him why he was helped it. The philosopher told calmly,'friend, biting is its habit and helping is my habit. By knowing my help, the scorpion did not change its nature, so why should I?
    similarly, one should never change his nature if it is a good one but should change if it is bad one. However our men are changing their nature automatically after marriage that is irritating mothe,brother and sisters after hearing from wife. A lady with much perseverance handles her child but never tolerate the mother in law.

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    Nature of man can be changed. It has happened before, and it happens now and it will in future.

    A person stays on the same way because he/she is conditioned to think and believe some aspects of life to be a certain way, and any other way is not right. When this mindset is changed then the person's nature also changes to cope and adjust with the new reality.

    Below are some examples of how a person's nature changed when they came face to face with reality that was drastically different from their original thinking.

    Kasab, the terrorist: from what the police authorities said while questioning him, that he was a tough nut to crack and he wouldn't budge from his mindset that was geared to attaining glory and rewards and in death his body would emanate the fragrance of roses. But he cracked when he saw the dead bodies of his partners, and that their bodies only rotted and didn't have any rose fragrance. From that point his attitude changed and he was broken. He changed after he realized he was deceived by his handlers.

    Joshua Milton Blahyi, better as General Butt Naked, from Liberia, Africa, was involved in many cruel atrocities and murders and cannibalizing children. He came to find Jesus and changed dramatically to become a preacher doing the opposite of what he did to his country previously.

    Sam Childers, a former drug dealer and biker in USA: He changed drastically to be involved in reaching out to the oppressed people in East African countries, and is famous for rescuing and rehabilitating child soldiers from the clutches of the war-lords in Uganda and Sudan. He is now known as 'the Machine gun preacher', for his efforts and belief in Jesus.

    Saul from Tarsus who was active in mercilessly capturing and killing anyone who believed in Jesus, turned around completely after meeting Jesus while on his way to another city to persecute believers. He became the apostle Paul.
    Zacharias, who was a crooked tax collector, changed his greedy nature after meeting Jesus. He gave away half his wealth to the poor. From those he 'legally' stole from, he restored manifold.

    Stockholm syndrome: this is another thing where people who are kidnapped and who fall in love with or have a completely changed mindset against their captors. This happens because the media or the established mindset is so firm that people are brought up thinking that such 'captors' are evil. One day they get captured by such evil person or group. After a period of captivity and rescue, the victims speak in favor of the captors. This happens because the reality the victims expected from the captors was not matched with what was established fact, and they find the reality of things and change their own mindset. The captor can be an outlaw for the rulers. They can be terrorists for the ruler, but they are also freedom fighters for the other side. It depends on which side you are on. The Somali pirates came about because a whole bunch of fishermen from different countries came and took the fish from Somali waters. The Somalis didn't have a proper government or authority, and the locals were losing their only means of livelihood. So in due course they found hijacking to be a source of revenue to feed their whole coastal communities with their own brand of accommodation, hospitality, accounting, sharing benefits, etc. they were taking ransom money to feed their own people while these fishermen from different countries were stealing from their waters.

    Veerappan, the famous 'bandit' from the south: he was a hero for the villagers as he would provide for them from his looting from rich sources and smuggling. Some of his victims of kidnapping had good words to say about him as a person, even though he had killed whom he thought as oppressors.

    The followers of Jesus, the disciples, were all ordinary people like most other people. They all scattered when Jesus was captured before his crucifixion. But afterwards, when Jesus showed up from the dead and was physically with them, their convictions were cemented and then the disciples were willing to stand up for the truth I the face of severe opposition. Their mindset changed.

    Today, we can see something like that with globe earth/flat earth issue. There are more and more people waking up to this and those who realize that the earth is flat get a shocking challenge, and then their nature is changed. The writer of this post is one.

    So these are just a few examples of man's nature that got changed. There are more, and you would find in your life circle too.

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    "Today, we can see something like that with globe earth/flat earth issue. There are more and more people waking up to this and those who realize that the earth is flat get a shocking challenge, and then their nature is changed. The writer of this post is one."-Great, Sir! But this is not the appropriate platform to preach this brilliant theory.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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