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    Some problem related to points

    In the morning my points were near about 263 but after recalculating it became 222. I can't get what is wrong with it. I need some help.
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    Abhishek please note that as soon as we respond to any thread or raise any thread the points are automated and added to the score and that is not final pending review and approval of the editors. And being a new member you must have committed mistake by pulling old threads which is prohibited, might have made irrelevant responses and so on. All this will affect your points and the threads which were erred will be deleted or rejected and thus the points are bound to come down. Nevertheless you are beginner stage and would know this site better as the time goes by. Concentrate on contribution and surge ahead.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    So far as article response and answers to questions sections are concerned, the points received from automated system generally get reduced after review. May be in your case, this has happened. Even then, reduction of 41 points (=263-222) is little bit astonishing.
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    If happens sometimes. Our answers to questions will get reviewed by Editors and points will get reviewed. Hence we will find some different points.
    always confident

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