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    Once a good helper, today man’s biggest enemy

    I was a good help to human beings. Kids and adults carried me wherever they go. I helped people when they were thirsty. Without me, they were not able to go for long distance travel. I was having high demand especially in summer season. In some places, where the water was not of good quality, people used to buy me from shops. Most often I am available in all shops. I had a special section in super markets. I was so happy when people came to my section for purchasing me. I had an important place in their bags. These all are the happier moments in my life. I was so sad that people were not interested to refill me once I am empty. I can see everywhere warning signs like 'Say No to Plastics'. I was thinking about that. What might be the reason? I can hear people say that I am very dangerous to environment. I can even cause diseases to human beings. Adults tell kids that I am only good for one time purpose. If today I am staying happy at home, then tomorrow I will be in non recycle bin. This is my life. If you still did not understand my name, I will mention it as Bottle Water.
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    Oh nice. What a way to describe the petty condition of life journey of a bottle water. Though it is said that say no to plastic and no usage of plastic, the water bottle has become part and parcel of our daily life and when we are traveling out of station, it becomes further more necessary. The problem with the mankind that there is no other alternative also to discard the pet bottle and embrace other way material to drink water. However if pet bottles with strong insulin from inside are made, then it wont be harmful for the human life. Like the thermos flask, the pet bottles can also be made on that line so that there wont be any discard discontent to use the same by the children and the adults. Nevertheless the author has described the journey life of bottle water in a very nice manner much to the understanding level of even child.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very nice narration. These days people became very much health conscious. They want to have mineral water when they go out.people eat mirchi bazzi on the road side shop but drink mineral water only These plastic bottles create lot of problems. A suitable alternative is to be seen for this. Even in the hotels we go for mineral water only. Generally these bottled can be reprocessed.
    always confident

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    Totally true. In my friend's family as he got some responsibility took his brother's marriage on his shoulder by solemnizing the marriage in an outer state by taking entire relatives and finished the marriage without any blemish. On the arrival of new women into the family, the whole family felt much happiness.Alas, the newcomer wants freedom and so, hate the elder brother and his wife. She played well with her husband and makes the brother and his wife to stand in the streets.

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    Yes. you are not just a bottle water, but a mineral water bottle. The mineral is the word that attracts to buy you. If you were just an ordinary water bottle, no one would mind you. You are thin by weight. You shrink when you get emptied. If you were strong like the costly empty water bottles sold in the market, all would think of refilling you. However, I would say that you are damn costly. In Tamilnadu, you are sold as Amma water at a cheap rate of Rs. 10/- while you are sold at Rs. 20/- and above in the railway canteens and other shops. The water in a big can (20 litre capacity) costs Rs. 30 which means a litre costs only Rs. 1.50. So Amma water bottlers are also earning Rs. 8.50 per bottle. Alas! You are a plastic bottle that cannot be retained in our show case or in our store room. It is your fate. enjoy it. On your name, many minted the money.
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    A very interesting narrative highlighting the environmental issue with the discarded bottles. The use of bottled water commonly known as mineral water has been increasing in the last 2-3 decades and it is very common in train or bus travel as well as official meetings, conferences, meets etc.

    These bottles are made of plastic of one time use only and refilling it or using for ordinary water is not recommended as bacteria accumulation on these bottles is a threat to General health.

    We must crush these bottles after use in order to discourage people to reuse them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Anything man has created artificially has its side effects in one way or other.
    Animals and birds and other creatures also make shelter, hunt food,store them and use them. But all from the nature. That comes from nature goes back to nature without any side effects and gets degraded naturally and enters into recycle or reuse.

    Man has to recycle or reuse the things made by him to reduce or delay some of the issues created by him,.

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