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    When we cannot maintain public property, we should not demand better facilities !

    When we cannot maintain public property, we should not demand better facilities ! Yes every one of us wants to have new experience and want to go through new facilities. But some have the habit of destroying the same and the purpose is lost. The recent experience of Teja express being looted with head phones, broken screens and damaged seats testifies that when we demand new facilities we must have the courtesy to maintain it. If everything is stolen or damaged no government would come forward for any kind of development. Attitudes must change.
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    It is true that if we are not going well in our responsibilities we should not demand anything from the rulers. Whatever government is spending that is from our hard earned money only . Why should we damage and spoil it. As a responsible citizens nobody should do it. But there are many anti social elements doing all these undoings. They should be punished. Government should act tough
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    Very relevant thread. Frankly speaking we do not deserve the public facilities because we do not understand it's value. How much money of tax payers has gone for creating these facilities is not our concerns. It is rightly said that if we do not deserve it we should not ask for it.

    In some countries if you ruin the public property you will be fined and sometimes imprisoned so you will never dare to repeat your foolish actions. Unfortunately our governance is not so good that we can teach these miscreants a lesson.

    If properly punished not only these miscreants but also other who come to know about this punishment will start behaving properly.

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    The Tejas experiment gives me a lot of doubts and am not convinced. Either there should have been an organised vested interest racket to do the damage for a particular reason. Or the people would have felt cheated and frustrated by the railways in comparison to the amount they paid and the return convenience they got. Or the railways wanted things to go that way for some reasons known to them only.

    I am not convinced that genuine travellers would have done such pilferage and damage in a large scale. I just cannot believe that genuine travellers could have inflicted such loss as if they have run rampage. on the very first trip itself. I can understand if some stray pilferage and nuisance damage occurred. Something somewhere causes doubts.

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