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    Humane face of Delhi auto-drivers

    Generally the residents of Delhi don't have very good relationship with the auto-drivers. There are various reasons behind this uneasy relationship. The auto-drivers aren't willing to go by the meter. In many cases, their meters have been found defective. They refuse to go to many places. They charge exhorbitantly at night. Moreover, every newcomer has had bitter experience about the auto-drivers of Delhi. Like other residents of Delhi, I also don't like the auto-drivers plying their vehicles in the city.

    However, yesterday I had a novel experience. I am sharing this with the Members of ISC. Just beside our office, there is a Post Office. Many elderly persons come to this Post Office for various purposes, especially to check their saving or other deposit accounts or to withdraw penion. Yesterday, a very old lady came out of the Post Office. The lady had been using a special type of walking stick and she was evidently having pain to walk. Immediately when the lady came on the road, at least five auto-drives came and tried to help the lady. The lady was astonished to find so many auto-drviers trying to help her. This was definitely a new experience for her also. Ultimately a Sardarji took her to her residence at Greater Kailash.

    I am really impressed by observing the humane face of the Delhi auto-drivers.
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    People behave differently at different times and situations. There is the mass behaviour, class behaviour and individual behaviour. Each one can be different. Similarly the behaviour also depends on to who and with whom we are interacting also.
    Basically human beings are kind and humane. However many times they hide the instincts for reasons of self priority and greed and selfishness. Sometimes that is to protect self.
    However there are times when the positive instincts come out by itself. The one which is narrated is like that.
    (Sometimes the show will be too much that it will end up as nuisance and harm.)

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    Not all the auto drivers can be branded as bad. There are good and even educated auto drivers. In Hyderabad the auto drivers are governed by the union and they are supposed to register with one union or the other and every auto is registered with the police station under which limits it runs. Thus miss behaving of auto drivers is not at all possible in Hyderabad. Yesterday only one of my relative who came to Hyderabad from Mysore has left her medicine packet inside the auto and alighted. Luckily the medicine packet had the address of Mysore and Hyderabad. The auto driver has returned the packet in the evening and that needs appreciation.
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    Auto drivers are also human being. Auto driving is their business to earn their bread. So they are rude and impolite with the passengers to extract whatever they can. But as a human being, and having elders, parents, brothers, sisters and siblings, they too have humane face to help others. This can be seen not only in Delhi, but also in other cities. It is not a strange thing you observed, but a very common and normal humane face of the auto drivers. Nothing to feel great of it.
    @ Was there any vediographer around? I suspect.

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    In any field there are good people and bad people. We can't say that all in a similar profession as good or bad. Many auto drivers behave very nicely. I had a good experience in Delhi. I was going to airport in a cab. On the way the cab had given problem. I was in a hurry as the flight time is nearing. Luckily an auto came that way. The driver stopped near me and asked me what is the problem. I told him the issue. He said that he will take me to the neatest metro station and from there I can catch a train and go to airport. He came to the station inside with me and helped me in getting in to the train and I could get into airport in time.
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    In the busy lives that we lead we cease to be humane. So, caught up are we with the demands of our own lives that we fail to see the need of others. Were the auto rickshaw driver's looking for a 'sawari' or were they being genuinely kind to a woman in need!

    Honestly, I have never seen anyone help someone with a physical handicap. We just walk away, leaving people to deal with their limitations. We need to be given lessons on how to be humane. Seriously, even little things like a holding a door open for someone is difficult to expect here. People just let the door bang in your face. We lack simple social courtesies.

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    It was a genuine effort to help. From the very same place, occasionally I try to get the auto to come to my residence, but I become successful only once in ten attempts.
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