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    Youngsters,Never skip breakfast

    Many of us skipping breakfast due to many reasons, may be some of them are genuine. However, doctors are advising strictly not to skip the breakfast on any account. The pity in this is many parents are skipping the breakfast due to their exigencies and by seeing them the children also skipping or avoiding nowadays.
    However the following are to be noted to take or to avoid in empty stomach in the morning.
    • Drinking coffee or tea in the early morning is good but at the same time it is better to consume a glass of ordinary water before the coffee or tea.
    • No chocolates or sweets to be consumed in the empty stomach as it enhance the insulin level
    • No curd is to be consumed in the empty stomach.
    • Unless otherwise told by the doctor, no tablets or medicines to be consumed in the early morning as it create unwanted activities in the body.
    • In some cases the banana mixes the content of magnesium in blood care should be taken before taking bananas in the empty stomach
    • As the tartaric acid content affects the stomach, it is not good to take tomato in the early morning and empty stomach
    • No sour or mirchi items should take in the empty stomach
    • No cool drinks should be consumed in the empty stomach
    • Consuming oats in the empty stomach is advisable.
    • Consuming eggs is good to take along with breakfast.
    • Consuming Watermelon in the empty stomach is good as it good for heart and eyes
    • Eating bread made of grains in the empty stomach is advisable
    • Consumption of honey in the empty stomach is good
    • Chewing 6 badam nuts (almond) in the empty stomach is good as it induces the digestive power well, that too if the same is soaked in water in the before night is good
    • Pappaya is highly good to take in the early empty stomach
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    Mr. Ramachandran a good post with lot of in puts regarding breakfast. Which are good and which are not advisable you have clearly mentioned. Educative.
    It is always advisable to have a heavy breakfast. Light lunch and very little dinner.
    If we skip breakfast acidity problem will start and it will lead to many other complications. Idly is one of the best items for b breakfast. South Indians consume idly as breakfast and supper. Fruits are good for breakfast.

    always confident

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    The author made a fervent appeal through this post and gave elaborate details about things to be taken and what not to be taken in empty stomach. And regarding the title itself, he made the right appeal. Due to late wake up from the bed many including old and the youngsters are skipping the breakfast and feel that they would have the sumptuous meal in the afternoon. But by skipping the breakfast they are allowing the gas to form inside the stomach and that will lead to gastric disorders sooner or later. One thing is sure eat less but never skip any breakfast or meal.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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