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    Congress ruled us for 60 years and they are rattling the same old problems even now.

    Congress ruled us for 60 years and they are rattling the same old problems even now. Yes we all know except for some brief period , the Congress has ruled this country for sixty years and now when they are in opposition they are rattling with issues like, 50 percent of population is poor and they dont have bank accounts , 40 percent are illiterate and how can they go digital ?, there is huge unemployment problem in the country, more than 50 percent villages dont have electricity. Then why they failed to address the problems all those 60 years ?
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    Congress rulers are responsible for all the problems they are raising now. Why they are not able to eradicate poverty in sixty years. Why they are not able to increase the literacy percentage. Why they have not improved the electricity supply. Why they have not improved infrastructure. There is no answer from any congress leaders. They don't feel shy. We should not give any value to their words. They can't do any good.
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    Blame game is not the issue here. Whether it is Congress or BJP or Marxist or any other party can rule our country democratically with popular mandate of people only. Because of people's wish and faith in Congress party they are able to rule our country many years. as People have no trust in other opposition parties they have not able to rule our country like that of Congress. Saying Congress didn't do anything for the nation is also very wrong. Because of their active and principled policies only India is able to stood in the list of top countries at present. Some of the programs that is Modi's government is mentioning as success are started in Congress regime only i.e. Aadhar Card , Subsidy transfer of LPG to customer, RajivGandhividutikaranayojana to Deenadayal Upaadhyayayojana, Pradhanamantrikrishi sinchaiyojana was actually Accelerated irrigation Benefits program etc. copy of the previous government programs only.

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    Congress was the number one party at the time of independence of India. They ruled the country since then and continued for a long time. There was a lot of progress during their rule and many developmental projects were completed. They also tried to eradicate poverty, give employment to all, honour all religions and things like that.

    As party had to survive they also did some appeasement things to please certain sections of society. Fighting corruption was not considered as a priority and to win the election at any cost was at the top of agenda.

    Slowly this lead to the downfall of party and today they are in opposition. They very well know the issues which are important for development and taken to be on priority so they will go on narrating them till they are addressed.

    They are not feeling comfortable because of the fast and honest programs of the present Govt for developement of the country. They know that if this Govt succeeds in achieving the desired goals, congress will have to be in opposition for long or who knows the party is wiped out of the political canvass.

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    The Congressmen sincerely believe that what their leaders could not do in 60 years, BJP will complete it in 3 years. Actually this is due to an inherent belief on superiority of Modi-led BJP.
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