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    If they leave me all to myself

    If they leave me all to myself, this is a never fulfilled wish for many people. 'If they, the so called society leave my life to myself I would have been something else or have done something better.' Every one of us must have thought like this at least for once. Society never leaves us and we can't escape it cause man is social animal after all. Society dictates what we should. If your not in some English medium school it looks down upon you. It demands you to take up some professional course even if you want to something else, it forces you to take a job immediately when you finish studies and marry immediately when you get a job, when you want to do something else and enjoy the life. Like this it controls you at each and every step of life. When society does this to us we curse it, but when it comes to someone else's case we become part of society and do the same to them that the so called society does to us. When we suffered we should save others from the same suffering. Strangely we let them suffer too and enjoy. Dear friends... What are you? Prey or hunter? Share your experience. What would you have done if they leave you to yourself? Can't we snatch our life from clutches of society and be free? If yes, what is the method?
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    We are a part and parcel of society and our actions are influenced by it to a great degree. Most of the time we are afraid of society and always thinking that what society will say if such and such thing happens.

    When we get success society congratulates us and when we fail we have to listen to so many unpleasant voices. So the pleasure and pains both are there.

    We require support from society many times and sometimes society asks our help in terms of financial or other helping attributes. So it is a reciprocal system and it thrives as long as we are not hostile towards society.

    Society peeps into your personal life also whether you like it or not. Sometimes you feel miserable but it is all in the game and as rightly said - man is a social animal- no doubt we are.

    Knowledge is power.

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    'If they leave me all to myself' life will be miserable after just one day and will die of loneliness and no one caring us.

    I is like an overworked person yearning for leave, but an unemployed person yearning for a job. The grass on the other side is always green.

    Life will be miserable without the hindrances and interference caused by others. Eating sweet alone will make us sick and bored within a short time. We need , salt ,sour and bitter also. Then only life will taste god.

    I always like to be lonely in the crowd. I can be alone to myself amidst the jostling crowd. Without that crowd, hustle and bustle I feel totally empty and hollow, a fish out of water.

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    You can't snatch your life from the clutches of society. If you try to do so, in tougher times you cannot survive.
    People need other people to survive. Anyone doesn't believe this is deceiving themselves. We are evolved to live in a society

    There are unspoken rules in a society and we are internalized to such a degree that we don't even notice them such as how to dress, eat, talk and even what you allow you to feel. Following norms can be costly sometimes for some individuals.

    There are two extreme cases:
    There are over socialized individuals who are willing to make extreme sacrifices for the group. Example: Suicide bombers and other displays of extreme self-sacrificial behavior for the group.
    Likewise, there are under-socialized individual who are completely immune to any social norms.

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    Yes whether we agree or not, the society in which we are living is heavily influencing us on daily basis as to how to dress, how to behave and how to move in the life future wise. Though we have the elders and the parents at home , the society is intruding into our personal affairs and they are more concerned about fashion statement, our hair style and above all they are very much concerned about what we are doing the whole day. But unfortunately we cannot discard the society. We have the compulsion to live in the system and that weakness in us makes the society and the people inside it to involve more in our personal affairs. But what I feel that good suggestions or advises can be considered and we must consult our heart and soul before taking any action to the wishes of the society.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Is it possible for a single human being to live outsie the society? I think not. If anybody thinks he/she can live without the protective umbrella of the society, then he/she is welcome to do so.

    In actuality some people wish that they would remain in the society, do whatever they like and society would accept their behaviour without any comment/protest. That is simply not possible.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    We all live in a society. We have to care for it. Even though it is our own life, we have to think of society before taking any action. Sometimes we may have to give more importance to society than our own. We require minimum four people to take us to grave yard. Even for a gold plate wall is required to stand. So we should take care of society. Don't ignore. Always try to be good with people.
    always confident

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    What is society according to you? How can we expect society to be a good and supportive one without free thinking and mentally free human beings as for me society is nothing but group of human beings.
    Carpe Diem

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