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    A story book’s message to little kids

    Kids, have you forgotten me? It's been a long time since I have met my dear little friends. On those days, there were lots of kids visiting me in the library with their parents. We, books all had a fun time with those little ones. Some parents will take us home and will read to kids. On the other hand some parents find time to read the beautiful stories while sitting in library itself. The little ones were interested to see the pictures on my pages. Even some were ready to read the letters one by one. Some kids enjoyed the stories. I was so happy to see parents introducing kids to the world of letters. All these happier moments happened long back. Today I am sitting with my friends very lazy in the library. Some kids will come and take us but I could not see the energetic kids. Even though some places celebrate world reading day in the month of June, the response is little low. I am wondered what might be the reason?

    My friends told me that now in this modern world we storybooks do not have much to do with kids. There are computers and mobile phones to learn more and more. The sad thing is that parents do not have much time to read books for kids instead they will engage kids in mobile phones for playing games. It's an easy task when compared to reading books. I felt very sad to hear this.

    Dear kids, reading books is having more importance than watching TV or Tablets. By reading, you will develop your reading and thinking ability more than watching any other sources. Moreover it is very important for your brain development. So from next time onward, you must tell your parents to take you to library where you can see lots of storybooks instead of spending money to buy one from the bookstall. We, the story books are waiting for you little ones to encourage you to the world of learning
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    Touching story through the author from the heart of story book. Yes it is the fact that children are denied or shy away from reading story books, which were either too important in olden days. Grand mother used to tell fairy tale stories much to the enjoyment of every grand child and they would retire to the bed with a good moral at the end. Now a days the children are more interested in computer games, mobile games and they are not even interested in the out door games. In such situations the story books are gathering dust at the libraries and sooner or later the children wont know that there existed story books for perfect reading. Even present day mothers also does not have the time to read those wonderful books and tell the stories to their children. So I blame the mothers for their laxity.
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    An excellent pen-picture of the neglected books kept in a library. It is true that the books are not adored by the children of present generation. They are more attracte towards television. video games, etc. Even if the children read books, they do it from the tablet. Today's chilrdren don't waith eagerly for books. I fully understand the pain of the neglected books kept in the library. The library movement has almost stopped in India.

    Not only reading, the present generation children have also stopped playing. Loss of reading habit and playing outdoor games has a telling effect on the physical and mental health of the children.

    An excellent thread from the author.

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    The habit of reading books is slowly diminishing. During my student days I used to read books at least 6 hours a day. We were writing in the notebooks and reading them. We were reading textbooks and notes.
    We used to purchase story books like Chandamama, Balamitra etc. We used to read them. But now there is a lot of change in the mindset of children. It may be due to the parents or teachers I don't know. They never prefer reading a book. They use electronic gadgets more. They like watching TV or playing virtual games on computer or cell phone. My brother's son who is in 4th class spend daily minimum 2 hours on my brother's mobile.
    But I feel this reading habit should not come down. We should encourage the kids to read books more. We should not allow them to spend time on cell phone. In one of the schools in Hyderabad, for a 7th class student,the school is giving I pads with all the notes copied in it. In such case how this student will have the skill of writing. They never prefer writing in the book.
    Too much modernisation is not correct.

    always confident

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