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    It's a great planning of God

    My orchard has many types of mango trees.Some are Maldah,some are Dashari,Some are Langra and some are Jarda.The mangoes have different tastes.Although they are in same orchard.They get same kind of soil conditions,sun light,water and manures.But they have different tastes.What a unique creation of God ! In the same way God has made different people of different nature.Some are kind some are cruel,some are polite,some are impolite.Should n't we bow down to see such planning of God?
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    Indu Singh,
    You are too late to realize this great planning of God. In this great world, nothing is greater than the God we trust and believe. But from where is He operating? Is God He or She? Where is the human manufacturing workshop? Who assists God in his planning and execution? Does He have someone working under him? Is He alone? Lot many things to think about God.

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    We all are unique in some or the other way and humanity is something that can link us all with all our uniqueness. We all tend to have different origins, different starts in the single world and as God sent us we all have to leave in harmony. Helping someone in some or the other way could be the key. The God gives us the freedom to make new rules as a whole to have an effect on the whole of the humanity. That's why maybe we are awarded limited life span to give the viable contribution.

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    The variety and uniqueness in nature is some thing which every human adores.

    The question who created it and what is the source for this beautiful nature is still unanswered.

    The ancient man believed it as the the handiwork of some supernatural power and termed it as God. The generation after genration this thought was propagated forward and many of us believed it in our own way and with passage of time many religions were created and surprisingly they had their own Gods.

    So the question is still unanswered and disputed.

    Anyway the variety and flavour of nature in different forms is as adorable today as it was in past.

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    I also think that Almighty God never fails to astonish us. The author's mango orchard is a very small example of nature's diversity desired by the Almighty. We must preserve this diversity of nature.
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    Appreciation to the author for comparing various characters of human being with that of so many varieties of mangoes which are grown from the same soil and yet they look different in taste and size and also the taste. Like that every one of us are created for the purpose by the God. He has greater planning done before we come to this earth. He would send us to those places, where our help is required. He would send us to those places where some would help us. Thus the network of give and take and passing the legacy to others goes on. So I am always indebted to the nature and God.
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    Yes. No two types of mangoes are of same taste. Similarly no two human beings are similar. Even five fingers of one hand are not similar. That is the variety in God's Creation. Really we have no clue about his methodology. Where from he operates. There are many unanswered questions will be there for everyone. Our creator The God Almighty has written our destination. As you said it is a tremendous planning. Salutes to Him.
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    God's creation is amazing!.Even take our own body. Tongue tastes. Hand only feels. Eye sees and ear hears. Each one is unique, but they are all in or on the same body and function in unison and sync. We don't know what is inside our body.Still we stuff anything and everything in our stomach. Except the burning sensation, we do not get any other taste there though we pushed sweet and bitter into it.
    The more we try to 'understand ' God, the more we wil become amazed and accept His supremacy.

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    Though the mango tree have many types of mangoes in it,it never hesitate or deny to give the fruits to one and gives to another. But human, why differentiate the people into many among themselves and hesitate to give anything to others?Many Spiritual Gurus are telling that the human birth is the last birth in the cycle of eightyfour lac and in that human birth only we should differentiate the good and bad and follow the good karmas to attain Moksha by avoiding the bad karmas as in this birth only one have the power of discrimination. But we instead of differentiate the good and bad, we differentiate the human itself and increasing our bad karmas more and more.

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