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    Pull out of US from Paris agreement.

    Yesterday US President Donald trump has pulled out from Paris agreement on environment protection. Paris agreement is signed by 198 countries to save the environment and finally the earth planet. The Paris agreement is binding on the member nations and aim to reduce the emissions by 10-15%. India has adopted BS_IV stds from 1st April 2017 to reduce vehicular emissions. The US pull out will impact the journey of green initiative badly. members please express your views and environmental concerns.
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    Mr. Sharma: The Editors have desired that no news-item is to be discussed in the Forum. So, even if the subject which you have raised is extremely relevant, it may be deleted by the Forum Editor.

    Thanks from an ordinary Member of ISC for raising this important issue.

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    The US has always been a negligent nation when it comes to safeguarding the environmental ethics rights and the inclusion of Donald Trump in the decision-making process. Bureaucracy is prominent in the US and corporate gains are all giving attention to. I was watching a documentary in it was shown that the voluntary organizations in the US, safeguarding environmental rights are being harassed under the powerful pressure of big bureaucrats. India, on the other hand, is playing an active part in the process by giving attention to non-conventional resources and it is a good gesture for having a firm stand on the environment.

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    As Mr. Ahari has stated, the USA and China always ignore the environmental rights of the nations. So far the US is concerned, this has been noted by me since the time of George Bush (Junior). May be it has been going on from much earlier days. We should not blame Trump for this (as is being done by Indian liberals).
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    Mr. Partha this is not a mere news item. One big incident has happened to the world and in future it is going to impact the world climate. Is it not justified to discuss such important event. I request the editors not to delete the thread.
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    Mr. Sharma: I 100% agree that this is merely not a news-item and it has wide ramifications for every country of the world. But if you are not in the good book of the powerful, this will be treated as a news-item and will be deleted. This is the latest trend.

    I again congratulate you for raising this important topic.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    And every one thought US President Trump was against others entering US for permanent settlement and wont leave. But the way he is opening up and showing his dismay and even withdrawing from the Paris agreement shows that US is not interested to protect the environment which is necessary. When 198 countries were having high hopes on Big brother US for its motivation on the issue, and by withdrawing from the group has even astonished the UN. I think good advisors are not there in Trump Administration. US people must prevail upon this issue and support.
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    U S and China never shown any respect for environment protection. But India has always shown respect for nature. Fighting against all odds to protect environment. So irrespective of US participation all other countries should go ahead with the iniative. No other country should follow US.
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    Businessmen or Politicians- Best thing to do is follow the money………
    Politicians funded by big Oil/mining corporates pulled Trump from Paris Agreement…
    Let our planet die……
    We, the shareholders make money……….!!
    Always follow the money…..!!

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    It is arrogance and arbitrariness of US that it is backtracking from a universal agreement signed by almost al nations of the world.
    US never loses any chance to blame developing and poor countries for anything and everything. The truth is that in the climatic change factors US is a main contributor. It has to compensate the poor and developing nations for the damage it is causing for the global climate change. It is good that US stands exposed now and even its allies know its real colour on real matters.

    What is needed is for all other responsible nations like India to go ahead with measures of remedying created and to prevent further deterioration by implementing sincerely the terms of agreement. The world nations should stand united to isolate US in this matter.

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