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    Resolution for world environment day.

    world environment day is celebrated every year on 5 June. Only 2 days left for this celebration. It is everyone's duty to save the environment and create the awareness among the masses. I am going to plant 10 trees in my premises. I appeal to ISCIans to plant at least one tree. If you do not have space then you can plant small flowers and other plants in the pots.
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    We must protect our environment if we want to have a healthy life. There are many environment awareness activities which are observed on the world environment day. Planting tree is one of them.

    If all of us unite in protection of environment then the threat of pollution and poisoning by harmful industrial chemicals could be curtailed off.

    We are getting so many things from nature and definitely we must give it back by keeping it clean and by using natural substance as far as possible in our daily life.

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    We must now state the bitter truth clearly. Our environment can't be protected because of our greed. The behaviour of the USA at the Paris meet proves it. So, let us stop following these fancy days and do some real work to protect the environment. Let us try to control our greed for the happiness of future generations.
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    Let everyone pledge that we will not do any acts which are anti nature. Each person should see that their carbon foot print will be zero. Plant as many trees as possible. We pledge that we will handover nature to our next generation without spoiling it and as we received it if not improved.
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    In Telangana ,particularly in Hyderabad, the government is going to have Haritha Haram in every place and surely we are also going to be given with saplings to sow at our back yard. Even then we are already having good green cover, thanks to the location of my home near the water source and hillock. The birds, the trees, the plants with flowers are enough to make good environment. Over and the above we are not going to awake only on the world environment day to set right our green cover, we are already in the process and might further tighten our commitment to the greenery.
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    I regularly notice this farce of planting trees. Last year I saw a VIP coming to our locality and planting a sapling with much fanfare. Next day, I saw a bull destroyed the sapling. I think that along with planting saplings, it is necessary to take steps to protect those plants.
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    Conservation is far better and realistic possibility than creation. Let us first try to conserve. So avoiding destruction is the easiest possible first step. If we control our temptation to cut a tree then that can serve better than planting a tree and waiting formany years its results to come.

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    Congratulations and warm greetings to every member on the eve of world environment day. As #599881 said conserve the already exiting trees but planting new trees and plants are equally important as every tree has a life span and become dead/dry . So replacement is necessary to have a good no. of trees.
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    Well I'm running out of space in my neighborhood and there is a never-ending struggle for water here, so I don't think planting a tree and ensuring it's growth will be possible. But I promise you I will never let anyone cut the trees down in my neighborhood. I have like 5 trees nearby my house. I love watching them grow and it really hurts when a tree dies.
    So my resolution for this year is - ensuring safety of the existing trees.

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    I have planted 12 trees today in my back and front yard. 3 mango, 1 neem, 1 imali, 1 peepal, 2 custard apple, 2 ramfal, 1 ashok, 1 cheeku. I already have 5 big trees in my courtyard.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    I too planted a tulasi plant today. Not only today every one has to make an habit of planting a tree atleast once a week. Not just planting a tree, one has to take care of it. Now a days pollution is becoming more and environment is getting damaged. By planting trees we can protect our environment upto some extent.
    Also try not to prefer vechicles foreverything, due to which pollution is becoming more. Try to prefer walking or cycling if it is less in distance. It will also become excercise for our body.
    Hope every one will take a resolution on this day like planting trees, not prefering vehicles for everything.


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    I hope yesterday (5th June) everybody took a pledge to make the environment so clean that there would be no necessity to celebrate Environment Day in future.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Beautiful thought. It is a wonderful way to restore the environment.

    Many organisations, both private and government practice such tree plantations drives, every year. The outcome or rather the failure of such events is known to everyone. It has become a farce.

    However, I do not see the need for individuals to wait for this day to plant trees. When the thought is there, the action should be immediate, so results are faster. Are we following a cult or our hearts? Planting trees on the world environment day doesn't make us better environmentalist. I think it is better to always make a conscious effort to maintain the environment.

    For me, I do not have space to plant trees, but do maintain some greenery around myself. Protecting the environment is an everyday practice for me, not a once in a year affair.

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