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    Tips that may Help You to get Better Career

    After the excruciating years of your academic career, it's time to face the "real thing". It's time to put down your textbooks and start looking at your professional life and moving towards the career you have always dreamed of. Life, apparently, does not stop and wait for you to decide which career path to take. Life certainly does not give you an awesome career on a silver spoon.
    Like every other successful and wealthy person in the Forbes list of the richest, a great career comes with a price. Don't worry; the price is not that hard as long as you are inclined to give some effort. So here are some awesome tips to get you going on your career.
    Get social:
    Make connections and use these connections. Always be in the know (in a good way, of course). Ask around and be nice to your co-workers. Remember, knowing who's who have higher probabilities of a promotion than those who do only what they are told to do and nothing else. Make friends in the workplace and take advantage of these connections to move up the ladder.
    Awareness and attitude:
    What nobody tells you about office protocol but something that you should always keep in mind is that superiors hate people with attitude. They might have a company policy of "nothing personal" but then, when is it ever not personal, right? Another thing is to always be aware. Know what's going on. Ask questions even with the littlest gist of any change, but be mindful of knowing the difference between gathering useful information and office gossip.
    Make an action plan:
    You action plan is your to-do list on how you can attain your goals. In some cases, if you want to move up the ladder, you will need to have additional certifications. Going on a university is obviously out of the question, so you can try online learning. Keep your action plan realistic and systematic. The more tangible the actions are (even if it may look gradual) the faster you can accomplish your list and attain your goal.
    Focus on work. Do not follow money:
    Let's be downright honest here. We all work for money. Everybody knows that. So you don't have to rub it in everyone's faces – especially your boss – that you are here for the money alone. A career means your passion and calling for a specific profession. All money and workload put aside, your enthusiasm in performing your task should be as constant as the air you breathe.
    Financial situation:
    To clarify, this is not to contradict the 4th point, but to let you know where you should appropriately put money into play. For instance, before jumping into any career-move and decide to follow your heart's calling – especially if it means being paid less than what you're currently earning – take a look at your financial situation first. If your bank account screams a "no", believe it. Otherwise, you will be doing exactly what we are dreading in the 4th point: when it becomes all about the money.
    Moving on the right track of your professional life means better financial capacity, strong possibility of landing your dream job (if you have not done it already) and increased job and self satisfaction. It's about working hard to earn that pride in your gut. Bottom line: you want a better career, you should work hard for it.
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    Good efforts made by the author to advise on career prospects. Already every one of us when we change from the school to the college environment, that time itself our career path has been decided and the education course has been taken either out of interest or under persistent demand from parents. Nevertheless what ever course has been taken, it is our express duty to give full attention and justification so that our hundred percent effort is put in and that will bring the positive results toward career. One thing is sure , for a performer, the job opportunities come knocking.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Better career comes from the efforts of the individual. Nothing is easy. Plan the road map for your projects under implementation. Mark some stages. Give a target date for each stage and complete by that date. Before giving target dates understand the work well for reaching each milestone and then give the date. Otherwise you will miss the bus.
    Give importance to team work. Always a team is better than an individual. Lead the team, motivate the team and see that every one is on the dot. Be friendly with all but don't get familiarised. Go with the team. Always use WE instead of I.
    Nowadays how you present your self is more important than what you have done. Improve your communication skills and presentation skills. Be brief and strongly express your views with positive examples.

    If you are able to follow the above you will have a better career,

    always confident

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