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    Seeking clarification on English Grammar

    This is a request to the Members. As you are aware that today morning, one of my threads was deleted. Here I am not going to discuss the thread. However, I would like to discuss the comment which I have received as a reason for deletion. The comment is as under:-
    "The status of this post is Rejected due to poor quality content or violation of our content policies."-

    In this connection, I would like to know why has the word 'Rejected' been used in capital inside a sentence? As far as I know, except proper noun or the pronoun 'I', no word can be written in capital within a sentence. Has the rule of English Grammar been changed? Ot has it been done to humiliate the author of the deleted thread?

    Members, please teach me correct English. Kindly clarify the issue.
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    Haha, by the way you said "ot" instead of "or" Partha! Can you just forgive the editor's typo just like I forgave yours?
    But if it wasn't a typo, then the statement maker must have used the word as a class.
    You know, the Rejected class. That'd perfectly make sense if it were a noun though, but it's used a verb.

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    The R in the word Rejected has been capitalized to express and impress the deletion. If I were the editor, I would have typed the word rejected as REJECTED. It is not a typo.

    @ Partha,
    When love is thin, fault is thick - a proven proverb. Just because an editor has deleted your thread, you are trying to find his faults. Bad, I must say.

    No life without Sun

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    Sun@59999505 , "When love is thin, fault is thick". I loved your quoting it now. There is an equivalent saying in Malayalam- "Ishtamillaaththachi thottathellaam kutram".

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    Mr. Venki,
    In Tamil - Venda pendatti kai pattal kutram kaal pattal kutram ( It is a crime if a disliked wife's hand or leg makes a touch with her hubby), It is the Partha's disliked editor's R that worried Mr. Partha to call it a grammar mistake.

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    I raised this post to learn English-to learn whether using capital R in 'Rejected' is correct, or not. I will raise separate thread to learn various idioms/usages of different languages.
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    Probably capital R has been used to stress the impact of the statement. By the way when we see a capital letter in a sentence we give two thoughts and thus the matter goes to our brain.
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