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    We should maintain Nature's peace and harmony

    Nature is a wonderful creation of GOD Omnipotent. In nature we can see a perfect harmony between forest and animal kingdom. But we, the human beings, always tend to create an ecological disturbance by cutting forest and killing animals. Both animals and trees have great contributions in nature which help us to sustain. All the vegetables we eat come from green plantation. Trees give us fruits and shelter also. Honey, milk and dairy products are all contributions of animals. Though there are stringent rules against cutting trees or killing animals, we, the human beings, tend to violate those rules creating a trouble for ecological harmony. Even if we can nurture green plantation in our own house, it has a good effect on both our body and mind.

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    Very good observation. We the human beings have a primary responsibility of maintaining the ecological balance in nature rather than destroying it.

    We must understand that if the balance in nature is changed due to our activity it will be disastrous to the humans also. We must respect nature and protect it from contamination and pollution. If nature is in danger we are in danger.

    Unfortunately the blind industrial growth is harming the nature in many ways. It has to be checked and controlled if we really want to conserve the environment.

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    Nice observation from the author. We must allow natures peace and harmony to stay. Any disturbance on that count would prove costly for the mankind which cannot be redeemed.
    K Mohan
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    As a living being it is our responsibility to see that harmony of nature is maintained. If it is getting imbalanced we may have to love under threat of disasters. So keep peace with nature and be peaceful always.
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