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    what type of competitions there in India study channel?

    There is an article and there is a question paper submission sections but what type of competitions are there type of rewards we can get after winning the competition.
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    Kindly go to the Forum section, and check the pinned thread. You will get the idea. At present an article contest is going on. It will end on 10th June. The Thread of the Week (ToW) contest which is held on a particular topic on the last week of every month will be over today midnight.

    The competitions are announced regularly and the announcements are pinned at the Forum section for ready reference of Members.

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    In this forum section the editors would start a new competition every week with a give word. By that given word the members are requested to raise their creative content and that must be matching to the word. So among the best , one entry would be awarded as Topic of the week and also some consolation prize for best entries. Like wise if some members raise good topics during the week, it would be highlighted and they get cash credit for each such thread. Even for responding sensibly for the threads appearing here, members are eligible to get cash credits based on their wonderful content.
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