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    How will you explain a color to a blind

    Today while sitting and chatting with my friend generally she told that a person can explain anything in life if he can explain the color to a blind person. I was wondering how can one explain the color to a blind person and how can one describe how the colour looks like.
    Imagine if at all you have to explain the color to a blind person, then what methods will you use to let him know about that color?
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    Thats a million dollar question posed by the author. It is really difficult to explain about the color to a blind. Though we may explain the scene, visualization, the name of the color with imposing effect on a plate, It may not be possible to explain the color to a blind. But what I understand from the conversation from many blind people in life that they visualize the situation as we say to them. They may not have seen the real colors, but the way we say to them about the properties of each color and how it looks like, they get the zest of it and immediately run their thinking pattern.
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    No. Colour can't be explained to a blind or colour blind. This is an undefined subject to them.
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    I think, it is not possible to explain the color to a blind man. You may be able to tell him the name of the color but he may not be able to visualise the same. This is applicable only to the people who are born blind. In a movie by Dr. K. Viswanath, made some attempt to explain about the moon by a deaf and dumb girl to a blind man by creating some sounds etc. A good attempt.
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    An impossible thing to explain to a born blind. Blinds will be able to understand things by touching , hearing , smelling and feeling. But the colour is a thing that cannot be understood through any means. Do you remember a story in which the blinds are told about an elephant as to how an elephant look like?.
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    I don't know about the explanation of describing a colour to the blind but I am sure that if a blind understands the concept of colour then also he can't recognise it in real world. It's of no use to him, so why to waste our and their time.

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    Isn't the discussion meaningless? The colours are to be differentiated only by sight and not by any other sensory organ. If a person is blind, he/she has no perception of colour. Is there any requirement of discussion?
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    I think, by modern science it is possible.
    There is a special device called eyeborg device, which can be implanted to the skull which allow a person to perceive wider range of colors. This device not only be able to interpret images around him but can also receive wireless signals. This is an extension of sense.
    In future it may even possible for two persons with these implants to communicate directly

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    I read the precious responses and understood that members are looking at this question logically and objectively.
    Imagine this scenario: A blind friend of yours asks what's the color of t-shirt you are wearing because he's curious.
    Well, if he was born blind, he's never seen a color, not even black. (in contrary to popular opinion, blind people don't see black, it's most likely to be green).
    I view colors as emotions. Deep red as intense emotions, deep yellow as intense positivity etc..;
    For an instance, if I was wearing a dark blue t-shirt when my blind friend asked, I'd say it's intensely gloomy and depressing to watch this color.
    Now, he may not perceive dark blue as an answer but he definitely feels the emotion behind.
    I think it's the only way to describe.
    Sure, I've heard about the eyeborg device too. But it merely announces the name of the color. Not it's experience.
    What good are eyes, if you could only see and not experience? You are better off blind.

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