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    How do you feel when readers don't read your post properly?

    A writer writes for himself and for his readers. Writing gives him immense mental satisfaction. He has many things to say, there are many issues which force him to think-and the result of his thinking is his writing. It may be a poem, a story, an essay, a drama, anything. The writer also writes for his readers. He is just like a lady who arranges salad in an excellent way and presents this to her guests. If the guests don't even notice the arrangement, it spoils her mood.

    Similarly when a writer creates something, it is expected that the readers would read the same carefully and then express their opinion. But in many cases, readers start making irrelevant and unwanted comments without even properly reading the creation.

    Such irrelevant, ridiculous comments hurt an author. Sometime such useless comments hurt more than rejection.
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    It is true. Criticizing the creation of a writer without understanding the subject property is like criticizing an unknown child in presence of the parents of the child. In every writing the author wants to convey his views directly or indirectly. After reading it some people will appreciate and some may not. It's fine. But criticizing the post is not good. If the views expressed by author is different from your views, there is no problem in expressing your views . But don't criticize .
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