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    Self confidence is the key for succes.

    Everyone should have confidence in their abilities. We should never think that we can't do it. We should have positive mind. We have to always think that how can we do it. How to acquire the required skills and how to complete the job successfully. If you think we can't do.,we can't do it forever. This is a negative approach. Overcome the negative thinking and develop positive attitude. You will be successful in your life.
    A word of caution. Don't develop over confidence. It is always bad and it will ruin our life. Be confident and attempt, success is yours. Don't go with over confidence. Be successful in your life.
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    Self confidence is one of the most important trait of a person. This is one characteristics which determines his success index in life.

    If a person is knowledgeable, laborious and disciplined but lacks self confidence, he may lose many opportunities in life while an average person having self confidence will try to grab the opportunity at the earliest.

    Though it is a difficult task to change one's traits or acquire new traits but one can inculcate self confidence by participating in debates and group discussions. One has to be more extrovert and frank in talking to other persons. Even dressing well will help in this direction. Our first appearance in any interview or social gathering is judged by our self confidence.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes self confidence is the key to success and this can be learned from the small child who has now started walking. We all know a toddler cannot keep firm step ahead and he may likely to fall and even getting injured. But never mind , the child wont give up. Unmindful of how many times he has fallen and got injured, the child keep on learning the walking experience and now that has become a passion for him. So the confidence level in the infant goes on increasing as we clap or encourage for every step he put forward without falling and injuring. What else lesson can be best mentioned..
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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