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    At the marriage the relatives must eat together otherwise every chance of getting remarks.

    At the marriage the relatives must eat together otherwise every chance of getting remarks. Normally the hosts would entertain the guests and all the relatives would be left for having the lunch or the dinner after marriage. But this is the challenging situation for the host. They must ensure that all the remaining relatives are duly gathered at the dining hall before start of last meal so that no one is left over which may become a remark and even nasty issue. So next time when you organize marriage, see that all relatives takes the meal in one go without leaving any one unattended.
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    People go to parties or functions for fun. They enjoy the gathering and afterwards the food becomes an important item of attraction.

    If a guest is not called for food in time and left to take it alone he may not like it and make some unwarranted comments. So it is better that all of them are invited to meals so that no one feels ignored or unattended.

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    And also the host must ensure that every one who are invited to the dining hall has sufficient seats and menu to manage and enjoy.
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    The thread has a valid message, and needs more clear and comprehensive explanation.
    It is the moral responsibility of the hosts to make the invited guests comfortable.
    In a marriage it becomes all the more essential because marriage is the coming together of two families,getting extended as a large family by becoming closer and understanding and respecting each other.

    As per the customs in each situation and context, one side family will be hosting the event and the other side family members and relatives will be considered as guests.
    Except the key and main members of each side others would not have met earlier and the marriage occasion is the first such occasion to meet each other and come closer knowing one another.

    So it will be convenient if the family members and relatives of the guests sit in a group so that the hosts can attend them easily and conveniently and may not miss any one of them in giving respects and regards and proper attention. The guests also will get opportunity to know the hosts more closer by more and more contacts and interactions. At the end both sides would have come closer and to an extent that each side sheds the formality and mingles freely one another.

    If the relatives do not gather or seat as a group then there can be misses and misunderstandings which can lead to various unwelcome issues.

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    Nowadays, the marriage halls are the meeting place of relatives and even for brothers. If int that situation also we are not eating together it is just welcoming issues and not a just one. Moreover, many families are in small,sorry smallest, circles the need of eating together is becoming a must as they have to leave early together. But the real happy in eating together,not only in the marriage halls but also in houses (daily) is there and the same can be only realized by doing so. Moreover, the relatives from distance are meeting together and if they are eating together the happiness of both side will be unmeasurable.

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    It is true. In the marriage function, the host is the father of the bride. The relatives of bride groom will be important guests. In olden days it was a practice that all the relatives of Bridegroom will come first and finish their eating. The host has to take care that all the guests are comfortable and had their food. After that all the guests of bride will eat together and finally the family members of hosts will eat. This tradition is still there in some villages.
    In present day marriages mostly buffet is arranged. All can have their food by serving themselves. Here also the host has to see that all varieties of foods all available to all the participants and go on enquiring the guests about the food and their likings. After all the people ate, the family of host will eat.
    By any chance there is any problem in the supply some guests will understand and behave accomodatingly. But some people will try to create a problem. With small incidents the whole atmosphere will get spoiled and create unnecessary friction between the persons. So it is always advisable to take care of meals section so that the whole function will go smoothly.

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    In any function, especially in marriage function, the food served is very important. Only the food can satisfy the guests fully. At first, the host should receive the guests at the entrance and get them seated. At last, ensure that they had the lunch or dinner(as applicable). It may not be possible for all the relatives to sit together and dine together, but the parents of the bride and bridegroom should sit together and dine together. Other relatives should take care of themselves without waiting for the hosts request. There shouldn't be any complaint regarding hospitality.
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