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    Why sufferings happen most and regular to the good people ?

    Why sufferings happen most and regular to the good people ? Yes this I have seen personally many a time that a person who is more wanted and helpful to the family and society and even reaches out to the friends in need is always suffering and that is happening to him regularly. The God is not kind enough and he keep on getting into bad health and even deterioration of health even though prayers of many are with him. That is the reason being so we must do good deeds and should not think of any bad about the others. Otherwise bad deeds would start taking actions.
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    Life is not in our hands. We can only make efforts to do something but whether it will be successful or not is beyond our comprehension.

    Sometimes life appears to be a matter of chances and it is not surprising that one person's suffering may be more than that of another. And if the sufferer is a good and noble person it becomes noticeable and sometimes hurts also.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Actually this is a general observation that the God fearing people,good people and people having helping nature will suffer more. Many examples we can give. Pandavas suffered more. Prahlada suffered more, Sita suffered a lot. But ultimately pandavas won the war, Prahlada stood strong, Sita got reorganised as the best wife.

    Probably the God before taking somebody in to his fold, he will make him to undergo many examinations and who passes all only will be taken in to his fold.
    A student who wants to get admitted into IIT has to take more pains. Similarly a person who wants gold medal has to study more. But a person who wants to get admitted to ordinary engineering college need not worry to that extent.
    Similarly who wants to become IAS officer has to struggle more, concentrate more and do well in the exam.

    Similarly a person who wants to get be into the fold of God has to take all hardship and pass all the tests decided by God. Only who qualify will reach the God.
    If somebody is passing away without any hardships, he may have to take birth again and suffer. Then only he will get the so called moksha.

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    It is told that such tests are to make the good to flourish in his or her good deed further or to reveal the goodness to public. This has been told many times in many stories of our elders. In Shiva Purana, a life was noted as one devotee of Lord Shiva tied the flowers (obtained from the temple garden) for the pooja of Lord Shiva. At that time the king(who was also a sincere devotee of Lord Shiva) and queen of that province visited the temple for worship. On entering the King was stayed back as he was discussing something with the temple authorities. The queen proceeded into the temple and by attracting the fragrance of the flowers which the devotee making garlands, gone there and took a flower in her hand and smelt the same. By seeing this the devotee who did not know that she was the queen but got angry on that action as it is obsessive to the divinity, cut off the nose the queen without waiting for anything. On seeing the queen's such condition, the king came there and asked what was happened. By seeing the King only the devotee realized that was queen and with shivering he explained the king about the anger on the queen's Shivaabaratha action. By hearing this the King removes his sword from the hip and gave to the devotee to cut off her hand as initially the hand did the Shivaabaraatha action. Suddenly Lord Shiva appeared before them and appreciated the devotion of both towards Him and made the queen alright. Here the devotee's name was Ceruththunnaiyaar and the name of the king was Kochchengan Nayanar. The place of such incidence happened is Thiruvaarur of Tamilnadu.

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