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    Lot of Temples earning in Crores in India.

    Lot of Temples earning in Crores in India. Is that money utilization done in right place?

    I love all temples but I think if earned money by temple utilize for poor people then it will be good. What do you think friends.
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    The Government in every state has been imposing a heavy tax from the donations which the temples have been receiving. Moreover, in every management committee of famous temples, the representative of Government remains to supervise the management of earnings. But that is not applicable for other religious places.
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    Temple is a place where the devotees offer money to the God to please Him so that blessings can be obtained. This is based on our beliefs and culture.

    Some rich people offer even costly things like gold and silver coins or jewellery.

    Some temples earn a large amount of money and even run schools and charitable trust. But all temple managements are not same. So every trust is not working towards the society. They are simply spending on increasing the size of temple building or additional temples to make money.

    If they use it to help the orphanage or other downtrodden people of society then it is the good use.

    Due to religious reasons these trusts are beyond the legislations which are there to take action against the erring ones. Though sometimes Govt can also intervene or post an administrator there to keep a vigil on incoming funds. Before note ban people were diverting a large part of black money to the temples. Now that channel is almost stopped.

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    Yes it is the fact that big temples in India are earning good money through the devotee offerings and that is running into crores. Take for example of Tirumala Balaji. On an average 3 lakh people visit this place daily and every one offers liberally at the temple hundi or Dhaan peti. The income to the temple also comes through sale of tickets, laddu tokens, early darshan tickets and so on. All these offerings goes to the temple trust which manages free meal to every devotee daily, free staying accommodation for the poor, free transport of devotees inside the Tirumala hills and so on. Even hospitals managed by the TTD are free and the colleges and schools managed by TTD board takes nominal fees. So devotees offerings are spent in good ways and the board is managed by eminent personalities.
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    In various earlier occasions also we had similar discussions.
    My stand is why to isolate only temples?

    There are many other religious institutions which get donation from inside the country and outside the country.There are many political parties and other groups and associations which get enormous donations. Are we monitoring all of them as to how they spend their money? Some are even exempted from auditing and public disclosure.

    if any one do not like to donate they need not donate. There is no meaning in criticising ONLY temples after putting a few coins inside the hundi box or even going freehand and coming with or without prasad. Mind you , there are institution and organisations that do not have any government or audit control, but most temples have the government control and audit.

    Also please try to understand from knowledgeable people what all things temples do. A theatre or a park or any other place does not allow you free. But you can enter a temple free and come out with some prasad or free food also in certain of them. Let us not throw random allegations out of lack of full knowledge.

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    In India always we talk about,temples,money to the temples only. But there are places of worship for other religions are also there. They also earn Crores of rupees. But no body talk about that. But always talk about the places of worship of Hindus only. As mentioned in other posts there are many institutions, organisations and political parties. All of them receive huge amounts as donations. Let us have a common rule for all. Government is only utilising the money from all the temples. It takes the money in the form tax, loan or some eminities to the society. TTD is undertaking many development activities. Many people are getting free food from temples.
    All the poor are being taken care by government. Why temple money is to be utilised for this? Is it possible to make the same proposal for other places of worship in India.
    Under the reason of secularism all other religions are protected, but Hindu are being humiliated. We should ask government to make the amendments in such a way that all places of worship of all Religions will be treated equally.
    Let us take a wholistic approach and think of all which are receiving huge donations from various people. How much is being received, how is spent on society development, how much is the tax and what is happening to the remaining.

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    I do not understand one thing from our people. We do everything by ourselves but commenting others as if they are doing the same. Bribe, we are giving to officers and politicians for our own benefit but accusing them for asking bribe. We do pour money and jewels in to the temple Hundi for our own prayer and vow but commenting about the temples that they are earning. we are encouraging drunkards but accusing government for opening wine shops. If we stop all such things from ourside, how can they do all such things.

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    This is pure. unadulterated form of hypocrisy. I don't know how many people of the country are remotely aware of gigantic level of corruption in wakf boards. We will always talk about donation received by temples.

    (Now waiting for criticism from some Members for speaking bitter truth.)

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    Partha you raised a relevant issue at the wrong place and yet I would like to comment. Over the years the lands of Wakf Boards across the country has been occupied and swindled by the powers that may be at the state and center. The Wakf Board officials wont speak against those who committed the crime and they are silenced by offering largess Only the people like of PM Modi stature can dig out the past swindling of land and property belong to Wakf board across the country would bring truth before the mass and that is going to happen and Modi will be revered even by the Muslims then.
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