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    Three good reasons for being human !

    Three good reasons for being human ! Yes time again we come across the people who ask our suggestion as to how to be a human being and get good respect in the society. The first good behavior should be work hard and live honestly in the life. Second being, sharing with the needy which is more important, third always remember the almighty because he is going to show you a way when you are confused and lost in this world. I would enlist members participation in this thread and would ask them to further add points to portray ourselves being human.
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    A good human being has to serve the needy. Help the needy. If somebody comes to you with hungry, give him something to eat. You are good human being. If a blind man is not able cross the road. Help him in crossing the road. You are a responsible human being. If any body comes to your house at lunchtime, offer him food. If a old man is suffering in cold without a bedsheet, give him a bed sheet. You will be a good human being.

    Live with ethical values. Earn honestly. Don't accumulate money in an illegal way. Don't expect anything in return in sincerely discharging your duties. You are paid for it. Do your duty. If any person approaches you for help, if it is legally correct try to help him. Otherwise say no. Don't shout or scold anyone. Don't talk bad about anybody. Always remember if one of our figure is showing the other person, four fingers are towards you.
    Do believe in God. R ember hi always. Pray him always. Don't ask for anything from him. Whatever is due to you it will come. Even in your happy times or in bad times rember God and pray for him.

    Now you are a noble man.

    always confident

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    Dr Rao your response was really soothing. But what about people who flaunt the wealth in front of those who cannot even think of watching it ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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