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    Why are Indian matches scheduled on Sundays in big events?

    It is clearly known fact for all of us if India is not there in cricket there is no revenue generated for the International Cricket Council(ICC). If you clearly observe the matches that are scheduled for India they are all on Sundays this clearly shows the intent of ICC that India is not doing well ICC will not get any revenue. Up to Semi finals or finals, they will go on win every match and fail at the end. Even if you look at Champions Trophy Group B INDIA, SOUTH AFRICA, SRI LANKA AND PAKISTAN.The only dangerous team was only South Africans in that Group. Supporters or ICC will tell they are based on ranks they will decide group stage but how the ranks will decide nobody knows the only ICC knows. They can simply go to Semi-Finals without any big effort.ICC clearly knew that if India eliminated on Group stage they will be a huge revenue loss for them and advertisers loss........It happened in West Indies World Cup 2007.
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    You can see World Cup 2015 India are semifinalists, World Cup T-20 Semifinalists Now in this Champions Trophy also they will be definitely up to semifinalists.
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    Indian matches are fixed on Sundays and Holidays so that Indians watch matches in stadia and in televisions. More Indians watching matches means more profit/money to not only Indian Boards, but to all Cricket Boards all over the world.
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    If India fails badly nobody watches then that means ICC fix those matches to make India win at a higher level.... and it is a known fact everybody knows it ...

    Group A AUS AND ENG GROUP B SA AND INDIA are semifinalists. Chances of Wining ICC CHAMPIONS TROPHY ENG-98, SA-80, AUS -75 AND IND -35 PERCENT

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    You know that cricket is the money spinning game and the board does not want to loose any opportunity. It has become compulsory for the administrators to organize the matches against main opponents on Sundays only so that physical presence of audience at the ground and also over whelming view of fans through the television is ensured. Before hand the rights of telecasting were sold and the board is bound to give bountiful action. So main matches against India are purposefully slated on Sundays for greater appreciation and revenue earning spree and this is the fact.
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    The author of this thread has returned to his original idea of allegation of match-fixing in favour of India. Now discussion will move on a very famliar direction.
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    Indians are very fond of Cricket. They want to watch cricket matches live. So tickets will be sold to maximum extent. All TVs will be on with the live telecast of the match. Many people will watch this. Sunday is a holiday for all. So there will be chances for many people to view the match. Tickets will be sold to maximum possible extent. Many will enjoy. As said by author, ICC will get more money.
    The other part of the thread telling that India is placed in a group where there are no strong opponents may be true. But what I understand this grouping is done by a draw. So I don't whether what author mentioned is true. However I feel that Indian players have the capability to play a good cricket. Let us see this time what is going to happen.

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