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    If O. Henry submits a Forum post in ISC, then the reactions would be......

    We don't know William Sidney Porter. But if we mention his pen name (O. Henry), many of us would recognise him instantly. He is considered one of the best short story writers along with Maupassant and Chekov. O. Henry's story is characterised by dramatic twist in the last para, sometime even in the last line. "The Gift of the Magi" is the most popular short story of O. Henry.

    O. Henry left the world in 1910. However, from the heaven, he came to know about the popularity of ISC and decided to submit a short story. As usual, the story has a turn in the last para. O. Henry decided to post his story in the Forum section to check the instant reaction from the members of the modern India.

    The reactions started trickling.

    Member A: It is very poor quality thread from Henry. What is there in your thread to discuss about or think about. You should avoid posting such threads in the ISC forum.

    Member B: Henry, You have shown great promise. Carry on and you will definitely come the level of senior members one day. But post such time-consuming stories in Articles section and wait for the approval. Otherwise you will become laughing stock of the members.

    Member C: According to my observation after reading your story I found that your story has no purpose, no meaning and no one get any understanding. If you have presented the incident in a meaningful way with a purpose there won't be any problem with your message. When your posting a thread, the thread must provide some message to the readers and should have some purpose. But your thread simply personal and it is not giving any meaningful idea to others. It is so boring that I didn't even read the last para. What's the use?

    Member D: I find the story exciting. The last para has an unexpected twist.

    Member E: Henry, I am sorry that I can't comment on the quality of your story. But one thing can be stated for sure that it doesn't conform to SEO requirements.

    Editor XYZ: The status of this post is Rejected due to poor quality content or violation of our content policies.
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    O. Henry never submitted any other Forum post.
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    Wow what a nice dig at the attitude of members and also the ISC admin through this post which was purposefully focused on O Henry which would never happen. By the way who are we to evaluate the contribution of that great writer and we match nothing before him. Even our editorial staff may not have the courage to edit such wonderful writings from O Henry. Nevertheless the author who was fuming for the recent happenings at the ISC over the rejection of his posts took a nice dig at the working style of ISC and that was humorous. Soon this thread will also bring bad repute to the author.
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    Oh! Henrey what a blessed soul you are! So convenient for human mortals because the ever departed does not return to see what the mortals utter. Otherwise you yourself would have regretted your life and admitted that you were not so creative as the modern counterparts. You will wonder Oh! what I SCee!

    But this humble little self bit also want to make his creativity wander yonder. Excuse me if it exceeds some limits; after all 'creativity' has no boundaries, no moral limitation, no obligations and no standards to follow. Creativity gets excused and condoned ever.

    But I feel that Oh! Henry, you would not have felt your swollen ego pricked if your story was not read by even a single person.
    You would not have come again and again with repeatedly accusing threads and blamed editors and fellow members in whatever forum you were.
    You would have felt gratified that at least a few are glancing over your hollow verbose and some editors and publishing owners send you some pennies or shilling.
    You would not have sat gloating over all the reflected glory just because a few of your write ups figure first by its own merit or propped up by the editors and owners artificially
    You would not have contented yourself happily as a 'frog-in-the well'. You would have really felt that this world is far more larger than the small well in which you live.
    You would have known that the universe comprises of umpteen uncountable Galaxies when you could not even count the few bright stars that spread their benign light on you.
    You would have felt each feedback as a recognition of your small potential and the sincere wish of the readers to get you still high positions.
    You would have learned much from the variety and varied experience of the many forum readers where you are a member.
    You would not have ignored and ridiculed those many well wishers who spent some of their precious time in reading over your worse creations(creations as you feel, but some may be even copied, which you only may know))

    I am sure,Oh! Henrey, you would not have heard of a fable we usually tell our little growing children That is about a frog which has never seen an Elephant but though only itself as the most gigantic creature in the world. The frog was blowing and holding air and bloating and asking' Is elephant this much'. On getting an answer 'no' it again held more breath and bloated....soon...and on... that it just got burst into smithereens.

    So bye, with that small moral story for now. Please do not react and reply, because I have believed and said that you would not be so cheap s to get provoked by real creativity.

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    I pretty much understood what you are trying to convey here. But remember this, not every one of us is a William Sydney Porter. We all are not blessed with amazing creativity. I regard this forum as a ISC members roast.
    I have witnessed a dozens of forums with no meaning and content at all. The educational value is diminishing day by day.
    But even with all this Partha, I don't think anyone in ISC is so cold-hearted that they would discourage a newbie.
    For an instance, I've posted my poems here a few times. Well, as expected there wasn't much reach.
    But I was surely confident that both my content and my art were good. Later after struggling much, I got the appreciation I deserved.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    O Henry. I am sorry to say this. You are an excellent writer. But why did you choose to post this story in this forum section to get the good and bad remarks from Mr. A B C D and editors X Y Z. I suggest you to keep away from the forum to maintain your good name and fame. Come On Henry. Wake up after reading my response. I do not know how you are going to react. I am sure, your reactions will be seen in your next thread.
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    Henry is reading the responses with eyes wide open. He is planning to leave the well and go in search of the sea.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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