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    5th June - World environment day.

    Today is world environment day and all of us must participate in any form to save the environment.
    I have planted a neem plant just outside my house and decided to grow it up to its full length. On enquiring about the neem tree and it's benefits I was surprised because this tree has got all the attributes which are necessary to combat the present day pollution and carbon dioxide emissions problem. If you are also interested to know about it then you can surf the website neem foundation.
    There are many other things which you can do on this environment day and I want all the members of ISC to share their views about how they are going to celebrate environment day. You must truthfully participate in doing those things also because our earth needs you.

    Plant trees
    Save water
    Use minimum electricity.
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    Happy environment day! It's a shame that we have to classify a day as an environmental day. It's our duty to protect and keep clean the place we live in. And we must make sure that we do it everyday. When I think every thing through, it's the waste management that is primarily leading to the environmental crisis. Here's how, the waste we discard, aren't easily degradable. And this waste accumulates in the soil, inhibiting the growth of new plants.
    So make sure you discard your waste properly and not polluting the soil you live in. Trees, then will grow all by themselves. Vegetation existed even before we did. They don't need us, we need them.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Happy environment day to all the members. But it is not only our duty to wish each other but we should do some social work for the betterment of the environment. We should plant more and more trees.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    One highway widening ; thousands of trees gone. Reason? We want development. We want our large cars negotiate turns easily at hundred miles per hour speed. So no trees to be there. We have tiled all our front-yard, backyard and side yards. Why? We do not want soil and mud dirty our legs and polished tiled room. No trees and plants, only potted plants like table rose and Aloe Vera. Not a drop of rain water should percolate down.

    Even for making our speech on Environment Day, we get into our car from the smooth polished veranda, then alight at the entrance of the podium make a grand speech, and return in the AC car as we feel the weather hot.

    I don't know to laugh or weep at our hypocrisy.

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    Today is world environment day. Today morning in our factory we have planted many trees. I have also planted a tree. My wife will do the same in my house.
    The environment has to be kept clean and neat. We should not spoil it. Nowadays it is observed that everyone will talk about environment, but they continue their actions of spoiling the same. It is of no use, We should think of ways and means to improve the environment. No bad gas emissions and no polluted water into the river and no cutting of trees, These should be followed by everyone then only, we can say that we are protecting the environment.
    Happy Environment day all.

    always confident

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    Yes Mr. Rao is correct because today we must try to act by saving environment and not criticise things done earlier. Our past actions can't be changed but present and future can be changed. So we must not be indulge in writing but go out and work for protection of nature.
    Yes things are not under control because of human needs. But today is the day to act and not think. So everyone please plant some trees or do something helpful.

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    Why today alone ie 5th June alone, we are duty bound to save our earth and environment on daily basis and see that mother earth is given the due respect and create such an environment so that we feel free to breathe easy.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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