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    Early man buys lottery ,or does it mean early buy makes you more lucky?

    The age old saying is 'Early bird catches worm'. We say this on relevant occasion to remind our young children to be ready sufficiently early for anything so that we get the maximum benefit and do not lose due to our delay. In daily matters where it is first come first served, the early ones have the advantage.

    Smart entrepreneurs implement this saying. Today when I went to the town market for something at 6.00a.m, I saw a few lottery ticket vendors up and ready with their shops open. I saw a couple of people glancing over the various ticket displayed nicely and then choose their 'lucky number'. It is ironic because the popular restaurant nearby opens only after 7 am. Most other shops open only by 9 or 10. Even the vegetable shops were getting their stocks and arranging them on their racks.

    A similar thing I saw some few days' earlier in the bus stand. I could not get a newspaper from the petty shop, but the nearby lottery ticket shop was having its customers.
    What does this mean to you?
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    I don't find any special reason why they open the shop early. Probably the buyer may have more chances for selection. The vendor will have stocks maximum when he opens. So the buyer can select as per his numerology calculations and take the ticket. There are no special prizes for early morning purchases. If it is vegetables, I can understand they are fresh. But why for lottery tickets. Early many can buy a lottery ticket of his choice but not lottery. Early buy may give wider scope for selection of that day's releases.
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    There may not be any particular reason attached to open a shop early. In the case of lottery shops, the vendor has to woo the customers to test their luck. So he has intelligently chosen early morning six o clock. Normally during a day when we want to do a good work, we would also see right time or good time. But for those who does any good early in the morning, they need not look for good time. This is expressed rule in the almanac. Probably the lottery vendor was aware of it and thus selling the lottery tickets that early morning to explore the weakness of those who believe in luck and almanac.
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