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    What happened to the trees you planted last year and year before?

    One more day to observe! We very ritually and stereo-typically observe and wax eloquence on this World Environment Day also. It is in our habit to be punctually ritualistic. Not just you and me, but many like us all. If not this day, it will be on some other'Day'. Then in that fatigue and tiredness we sleep for one year and wake up next year on this day.

    Sincerely asking a question to ourselves.What happened to the trees we planted last year on Environment Day.Is it still there and growing?Or was it plucked and thrown once the photographer and news reporter left? Was it eaten by any wayward bull or goat?

    I recall in this connection what one Malyalam Actor(National Award Winner) Salim Kumar said. He refused to go for the tree planting events unless they showed that the tree planted the previous years were well taken care of and they are growing properly.

    Can we too take such a stand? Can we adamant that we take full care and responsibility to see the tree planted this year are properly cared and looked after with water and manure? Can we take a stand that even if not planting a tree today, we will ensure that not a tree is cut from today onward ?
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    Whatever trees we are planted last year are being regularly watered and all are growing. No plant is plucked and thrown. This morning also we have planted some trees. We will see that they will also grow properly. No doubt. We started getting flowers from the trees we planted 2 years before. Daily I use those flowers for puja in the morning.

    There is no use by planting and forgetting the trees. They should be nurtured well to grow. Then only the mission will be accomplished.

    I am very happy to note that Malayalam actor, Mr. Salim Kumar refused to go for plantation unless they show the previous years plants, This good. Everyone can take a oath today saying that they will plant trees and see that they will be taken care well.

    always confident

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    We might have planted saplings last year or even before that. It will take time for the plant to get the look of the tree and that needs constant nurturing and watering. When the saplings are sown in our back yard, surely the care is hundred percent. But when we have sown the seeds or saplings somewhere else during the previous environment days, then nurturing would not have been done and the effort gone waste. Good thought provoking thread from the author. When we cannot nurture a plant, then sowing further is the waste effort. Watering the existing plants would be more demanding now.
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    The author has raised an important but serious issue regarding the maintainance of planted trees.

    The trees which people plant in their area generally get care as they see them regularly but many times people plant tree in far off places never to visit again. Such places these plants are at the mercy of nature and most of them die with time. The plants planted by civic bodies and official meet the same fate.

    So we must plant a tree if we are sure that either we or some agency like many NGOs are taking care of these plants otherwise the very purpose of this great endeavor is lost.

    Knowledge is power.

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