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    If I am not update please correct me on these points

    Today only I noticed that the answer posts in Ask Experts section get points like in Forum section. If I am right, earlier it was two pints by default on posting.

    Since when is this implemented? Did any member lose from default points on review and approval? I think one or two days before, I could see fluctuation in points while I was logged in . I am not sure whether my observation was correct or just vague guess.
    Members please correct and update me me if what I mentioned above is a stale news.
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    My observation is Ask expert section also gets some points immediately. But after review by the concerned Editor there may be a change in points, but you may get cash credits also at that time.

    Same is the case with Articles reviews also. We get some points immediately. But after acceptance they will get changed and you will get come cash credits also.

    Even in forum also some times our posts will get edited. For some good threads some cash credits also given.
    All the above I have observed.

    always confident

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    Yes the points system in ask experts section is functioning like that of forum section, but once the post is reviewed and approved the points get reduced and cc added. Even in forum section there are every chance of point getting reduced and even zero if the answer is irrelevant or out of context.
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