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    Trees are lungs of earth. Take care of them

    Trees takes the unwanted gases from the air, purifies and gives us the pure air to breath in. Every one in the world require oxygen to live on. They leave carbon dioxide outside. So the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air increases and oxygen percentage will come down. Trees will completely take this waste gas and purify the air fully and enrich with oxygen and supply to us. How our lungs purifies air, the trees also purify the gases on earth. So I say trees are lungs of earth. It was our responsibility to allow trees to grow and perform its duty. Otherwise life on earth will become very difficult. So trees are lungs of earth. It is our duty to protect them always.
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    Good appeal from the author. Trees are most needed for oxygen and also for the shade. Only today I was coming through DD colony behind OU. There I could see lots of green cover and big trees. During the scorching sun when we see shade we love to stop the vehicle and breathe easy for a while. I too stopped by vehicle for few minutes and enjoyed the pure oxygen for a while. That was fantastic feeling. And while leaving the place I just bowed to those who were responsible in nurturing those big trees which are giving shade and oxygen to that colony. So important of trees are known only during peak summer.
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    I am inclined to agree with the Author. Yes, we cannot survive without oxygen. Today if we take a look around especially in cities, they are badly effected and polluted.

    To be alive, live young and live free, we need this essential element known as air. There are also many dangerous chemicals found in air. Today, the air we breathe is impure. Hence, we must preserve trees. Cut one, and plant 10 or we will be held accountable for our actions and face severe consequences tommorow.

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    Yes, ofcourse every one should take care of trees. Compared to villages, cities have less greenary due to which oxygen levels are getting down and which in turn results in health problems. Every one should plant trees in their premises and take care of trees.

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    Trees are the lifeline on this planet. As already said about the important thing they provide - that is oxygen, they also provide wood for furniture, leafs as food for animals, fruits for us, nesting place for birds and wood for burning in villages.

    Trees are so important to us that we can not imagine life without trees. Plantation of trees is an important step in replacing the old trees and creating a greener earth. Though Govt and other agencies are making lot of efforts in this direction but until unless good support from public is obtained much progress may not be achieved.

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