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    Do we see colourful dreams or black and white dreams only?

    This is a peculiar thread to discuss. Do you see colourful dreams? or do you see only black and white dreams?

    I think, this thread will take time to receive responses from members who need time to dream and, experience, and then post their responses. Anyway, we have good ten days to dream and post our responses.
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    As far as I know, dreams are only black and white. No colour can be seen in dreams.
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    I always get only black and white dreams only. I never so far had colour dreams. I didn't know that colourful dreams are there. Mr. Sun, you have asked us the question. But what is your experience. Are you getting colourful dreams. If you share your experience also, it will be good. I only had normal dreams only.
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    Dr. Rao.
    It was a thought that came in my mind after reading Partha's thread responses on colours to the blind. I asked my daughter whether the blind also see colorful dreams. My daughter said'No'. Dreams are only black and white". As I have a poor memory, I wanted to experience a dream today or tomorrow. I would post my response after few days.

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    Dreams can be in color too. This is from my personal experience a few days back. I am habituated to take a nap in the afternoons. On that particular day, I had a dream which I remember. During the nap, I had a dream in which I felt tremors and swaying of the building. I started shouting and the building collapsed. In my dream, I came out and saw that all the other buildings nearby are intact and shining in vivid colors as if they are washed by a rain. The place where the collapsed apartment stood was vacant without any debris. It just vanished.
    This interesting thread made me remember the dream which I had a few days back. The interesting point of my dream is the shining colors of the buildings nearby which I remembered well. I can authoritatively say that the dreams can be in color also.

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    There cannot be racism in dreaming. Dreams are the happenings which we think during the previous day or even before that. So dreams would be in color only and by the way no one would be interested to see the colors as every one would be interested to the content of the dream. Normally dream sequences takes place as per our wish and the dramatization also takes place the way we want. So we are the director and marg darshak for our own dream , then how come it may be in black and white. What ever it may be dreams are the things to cherish and enjoy when it occurs.
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    Finally, it is understood that we have colourful dreams. Now my question is - Do the blind also dream? If yes, what would they see? A colourful dream or black and white dream or No dream?
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    Where is the question of racism? Dreams are not at our whims and fancies. We have good dreams and bad dreams. There will always be dreams which are unrelated to any incidents in our life. We cannot direct our dreams.
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    I think dreams are colourful. I always get many dreams and yes they are colourful. And some people say that the more you get dreams, the more your creativity. And one more thing, i think blind people will get dreams in black and white colours. I have heard that in an movie. I disn't remembered which movie is it.

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    Dreams are not seen by the eyes. The people who are without eyesight can dream and enjoy them. The question of being blind does not arise as far as the dreams are concerned.
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    Mr. KVRR,
    Until unless the blind knows what is a sight and what is an object , how can a blind understand a dream which is a sight to the closed eyes. I think a blind cannot dream. This is a subject to be thought well by interacting with the blind.

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    Here's a fact. There's no wonder that most of you dream in black and white, because people who grew up watching black and white films have the same kind of dream. And the newer generations had more brighter colored dreams.
    So you must think that dreams are influenced by sight and blinds cannot dream.
    Dream is an experience rather than a sight. Even people with good eyesight cannot remember what they "saw" in their dreams well. Because you seize to dream when you focus on detailing rather than experiencing.
    Now a born blind person has audio dreams. For the people who went blind after an accident, they dream less, and mostly the faces and details are blurry. Their dreams too are primarily auditory.
    Moreover, recent studies show that dreaming isn't restricted to humans. Animals and other organisms dream too.

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    @ Aditya Mohan: I do not agree with your contention about the people who grew up watching black & white films will have their dreams in black&white. Mostly we forget our dreams except for those dreams, because of which we wake up from sleep suddenly. Even these dreams are forgotten quickly.
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    Those born blind do not experience "visual" dreams.
    But, dreaming can be "actual seeing through the visual system or virtual imagery without specific reliance on the visual system.
    Dreams of the blind subjects (those born blind and those blinded later) were predominantly informed by smell,touch,taste and sound

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