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    What is more important; buying the right cellphone or selecting the right college?

    Wondering what would you choose between buying a cellphone or selecting the right college? Looking out a solution? Find advice from our learned members.

    I am sure that most of you must have selected the second option. But, do think about the last time you bought a cell phone? Do you remember the amount of efforts and research you invested in it? Typically, the process of selecting a cellphone is multi-layered. It starts with deciding on a budget, then we look at various phones falling in that budget. The next step is shortlisting these phones based on a large list of factors like memory, operating system, camera, processor, screen size, battery strength…etc. Once we are done with the shortlisting, we read user reviews about each one of them and then choose the one that survives this scrutiny.
    But, do we put the same amount of effort when it comes to college selection?
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    Selecting the right collage is more important than buying a right cell phone and at any moment only and only it is important.
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    I feel the right place of this question thread is 'Forum".
    The author does not seek an answer, but puts his own opinion and keeps it for further discussion.

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    The comparison is not sounding well much. Selecting a college is once in a life time job where as during your life time you may b using many cell phones. The ability to buy a cell phone comes only when we start earning. To start that we require a job and that will come to you from your education. So first make a study and select a good college, study well, get a job and then you can think of cell phone.

    Some people may contradict with me by saying that education is not required for a cell phone purchase or earning money. There are many illiterates who are earning and making so much money. In such case they don't require to think of a good college.

    Again somebody may say, even though the head of the family is illiterate , he may have to search for a college to his son or daughter. Such people will go by somebody advices generally.

    So it is better to have a comparison of other electronic items with cell phone.

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    For every parent and for every student, the first concern would be getting an admission in to a good college which is reputed for education and also recruitment. Most of the colleges have good reputation among the qualified students and they spread the word of pride. A student can always purchase a cell phone for him and that will be obliged by the parents once a good college admission is achieved. Again one should not arrive at the conclusion that some one has recommended a brand you insist your parent to buy. Every phone has got the basics and that is enough to surge ahead.
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    Yes ofcourse selecting the right college more imporatant than buying cellphone. Selecting the right college, makes the student welll educated and well knowledged person. Where as buying a cell phone is just to entertain your self. And I think both are completely different topics and I wonder why author is comparing these both topics.

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    I feel the little snippet added as a description, above the main text, is unsuitable. The author is not seeking an answer but has made an intelligent analogy, illustrating the way individuals check every aspect of a gadget before making the purchase but do not carry out proper research before choosing a college.

    "Wondering what would you choose between buying a cellphone or selecting the right college? Looking out a solution? Find advice from our learned members."

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    To answer your question - I think the answer is simple. The effort may be different, but the principle of selection of college and cellphone is almost the same.

    We look for brand, features, specifications and cost before deciding on one that most suits are requirement and means.

    When selecting a college the course and college depend on the marks obtained in the boards and entrance test if there was any. In this case, we fit our specifications into what is available. Our grades can get us into specific colleges. Good grades would ascertain admission in a top-notch college, while average to poor grades would put a constraint.

    Given the competitive atmosphere, we cannot really pick and choosea college. I think we pick the best institution that our grades can get us into.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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