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Learn from this thread how to improve the quality of your article responses.
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    Common mistakes in Article Responses - learn and earn

    This thread is to help members realize the common mistakes they make while giving a response to an article. Please go through these so that it would help you to learn & earn better cash credits. The better the quality, the better the content added to the page, not to mention the better the cash credits if your response also adds value to the article.

    1. Do not put two spaces before or after punctuation. There should be only one space after a comma/full stop/colon, etc. and no space at all before any punctuation.

    2. Do not needlessly put spaces between text & thereby putting the matter on different lines with spaces in-between. It looks as though a sentence dangles like a chandelier at the top, then follows a space, then some two lines like suspended strings, then again space and two to three further lines. When the text is connected, do write them as connected sentences and not on various lines. Spacing is one of the really major issues cropping up in article responses not just in the case of one member, but many of you.

    3. Do not just put a vague comment like "This is a very good article" or "The author of this article should be appreciated for the information provided" What exactly was good about the article? Did you find anything specific useful? Can you add some more info related to the topic of the article? If not, then just avoid leaving a response!

    4. Do read the entire article. Don't just skim through it and leave some absurd response which is not even related to the topic of the article.

    5. Do not forget 'the' , 'a', 'an' - don't drop them!

    Please read these again:
    1. Understand how to submit a good response to an article

    2. Basic points to keep in mind when contributing to ISC

    Note: If you feel there is a related article / Ask Expert thread / Forum thread or any other related internal page of ISC which is useful & relevant to your response, then you can put the URL in your response. The editor will convert it to a clickable link with relevant tags.
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    Yes, these points should be remembered by every member of ISC. Some people just post skme irrelevant comments just to get points. There will be no use with those comments. Instead giving true comments will be use ful like adding additional content to the article topic, pointing out mistakes if there any. So that if their any mistakes authour will correct those mistakes. Such comments will be given more cash credits also. Hope members who give comments article will follow these tips while posting comments next time.

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    The last para added as Notes is much relevant and was not available earlier. That is welcome.

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    Indeed, this thread will surely help our members to post responses to Articles to learn and earn. I never thought of earning through article responses. Now I have decided to get into article section to post responses and improve my learning and cash earning.
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    This thread is very informative. It has given lot of in puts regarding the responses to articles. Everyone should take care of these points. Adding additional information which is not given in the article will be value addition.
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    I find the last Para (Note) most relevant. So, we will refer to relevant articles/Forum posts, and the clickable link will be provided by the Editor. Now the issue is fully clarified.
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    Many times while responding to articles we are doing some general grammer and punctuation mistakes which make the response look shabby though it may be carrying appropriate material as far as that is considered.
    I think this thread has pointed out some of those lapses and from these guidelines we will be trying to improve our response qualities.

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    In my opinion, if the readers doesn't find anything useful in certain articles like informational and tutorials, one should refrain from submitting vague responses like 'Thanks a ton for the information', 'This is a very good article's and vice versa.

    One must post or ask straight forward questions if the person is not satisfied with the information. And such uncertain or spam comments should be taken down by the concern Editors because it will certainly effect the SEO and quality of the content.

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    Yes, these points should be remembered by every member of ISC.Some people just post anything that comes to their mind.

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    One more thing about spacing - even between words, members are leaving two or more spaces instead of just one. Surprisingly, even established authors are making this mistake. It is advisable to check after submission & reduce the needless spaces. What happens is that the gaps s-t-r-e-t-c-h the entire sentence, sometimes with a long gap between the end of the line and the first word on the next line.

    [See the first five words in this response and the incorrect multiple spacing between the words.]

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    [See the first five words in this response and the incorrect multiple spacing between the words.] - Where? The spacing appears fine to me.
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