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    You have planned a holiday tour and someone in family gets seriously ill, then what to do ?

    You have planned a holiday tour and someone in family gets seriously ill, then what to do ? Yes this situation may happen to every one. One of friend has planned a lavish holiday trip for his family towards North India and the bookings have been done long back. Suddenly before the penultimate day his elder in his family gets seriously ill and his presence is most needed. Now the children does not want to miss the tour, at the same time my friend cannot abandon the patient. If this kind of situation arise, what would be your way of action ?
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    Once we have planned a visit to Tirupathi. Everything is set. But just two days before my sister got very high fever. Those days we used to have a doctor in our village who was our family doctor also. Everybody was anxious. Finally what we decided is we will leave my mother and sister in the house and others will proceed. The doctor came and seen the patient. He had given some medicine. My father told him about out our tour programme. The doctor told him by tomorrow morning the fever starts coming down. Then you can proceed with her also. There will not be any problem. He has given the medicine. Fever had come down but not completely. But by the day we start our journey her fever came down. Luckily we all could go and come back safely.

    In your case also if they don't want to miss the tour, the person who should be with the elder can stay back and others can proceed. If no elder person to accompany the children he has to request somebody to go with them and take care of them. Otherwise only way left is to postpone the journey for some days.

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    The journey cannot be postponed as the staying, onward tickets and return tickets are already booked in advance and kept ready.
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    If a member of my family was ill, even if not seriously, then I would not go on the trip. I can go on the trip any time later in my life. All my family members are far more valuable to me and I would much rather be there for them when needed. Losing money on bookings would not be on my mind at all.

    Elderly members, especially, must be cared for. Your friend cannot just leave the person in that state. Instead, your friend can explain to the children about the seriousness of the situation, namely the bad health of the elderly member, and say that the trip may be possibly arranged for in the next vacation.

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    In my opinion they have to cancel their trip. They can go to trip at any other time. I think even if they go to the trip leaving that person with some others, they can't enjoy the trip remembering the sick person.

    And I remember one situation about my relatives, they have a small kid around 5 year of age. He got fever once, at the same time they have their close relative marriage. There are no other people to take care of the kid. So they decided to take a kid with them to marriage thinking that it was a normal fever. Next day after the marriage, they took kid to the docters and docters said that it was not a normal fever it is a dengue fever. They have given the treatment, but the kid was dead. It was so sad situation, all other relatives have blamed the kid parents for not taking care of the kid.

    No one can tell what will happen next. If some thing bas happens, we can't go back and correct our mistakes. So we have to take of the unhealthy persons. Even if some other persons were there to take care, the unhealthy person will feel better with his/ her beloved one presence.

    Never neglect the unhealthy people, take care of them. Ones life is more important than trips.


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    We have planned a trip to Madurai for first time head shaving of my brother's daughter. Everything from transportation,staying have been arranged. Next day morning we have to proceed in car by 5.00 morning, my wife was busy in kitchen in preparing tiffin,meals etc., for journey in the kitchen by 9.00 pm. My brother's daughter for whom all such arrangements made playing and casually run behind me and without noticing she fell down on the floor and got damaged fore tooth and got blood in mouth. Shocked my wife started to stop the bleeding in her mouth by stopping her cooking. As it seems to be bad oman she stopped the entire program. We took the plan later after a month. However the plan of that day stopped means stopped totally ignoring all expenses.

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    It's advisable to cancel the trip so that one can afford to more such trips in future. This makes their life better instead of running after thoughts around cancellation amount, money spent so far. One can go on tours once the family is well healthy. Isn't that simple?

    Can't understand one point - when the whole family wants to go on tour, there is no point in the else going for the tour when one can't join it. Better to cancel and re-schedule it based on seasons.

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    If someone falls 'seriously' il, then his care is the first and main priority. Immediate medical help has to be obtained and all further measures to make that person comfortable and nurse him to normal health is the task t be undertaken. Holidays and tour lose their importance there in front of the health issues of a family member.

    Children will definitely understand the situation better than even adults. Alternatively, depending on the situation ( that is there is nothing to worry about the ill health and sick person) and if the sick can be taken care of by the persons who stay back, then others can proceed on the tour and holiday trip with making necessary changes if needed. However it is not sure whether they will enjoy the trip as one of the family member is sick.

    We had occasions like that when we postponed or even cancelled the planned event, whether it is a tour rip or any other event. My own marriage was postponed when one of my close relative fell seriously ill.

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