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    Interpretation is mostly interference. Do you agree or not ?

    Interpretation is mostly interference. Do you agree or not ? When we are placing a statement of our own or having a conversation based on our personal experience , sometimes the interpretation of our own observation is classified and given the different meaning by the opposite person. And in that melee our view points goes for the six and the interpretation virtually occupies the position of interference and we get lost. Have you experienced such type of situation. Do you agree or not what I said. Members can infer on this subject.
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    The perceptions of people for any matter differ from each other as per their understanding and experience. Interestingly when we make a statement it is understood by some person in an entirely different sense and context and then the mishap happens. The response of other person baffles us as it is almost at 180 degree to what we were intending to mention.

    These situations are not uncommon in the real day to day life and many times clash, confusion and misunderstanding is generated. Some people tread cautiously and give some opening remarks or background sentences before projecting the main statement and in such cases the other person has limited choices to response and a situation of interference can be avoided.

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    Interpretation may be different from man to man. The same when we read, some may interpret in one way and the other in a different way. This depends on the language used in the communication and the level of language of the person who is receiving. The interpretation may vary basing on the persons knowledge and experience also. Communication should be as clear as possible with simple sentences and language. Then nobody will misunderstand the same. If I am very good in English and I try you use very very hard vocabulary the reader may not be able to understand the meaning of the author. So we should use simple language and simple sentences. When someone is interpreting the statement, the writer should explain what exactly he means. In such case there will not be a problem. If the other persons suggests any correction and if we get convinced we can accept or otherwise we can leave it as it is. I don't think it as a interference and and we can take it as a advise also.
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    The aim of communication is to convey what we intend to convey, and the other person gets it exactly as we intended. Otherwise it is a miscommunication. There is some communication gap. The gap can be caused either by our inability present what we intended in a comprehensible manner and language easily understandable by the other person. Communication can also occur when the other person is disinterested or antagonistic to what we say.

    From the message n the tread, what I feel is that if the person is 'opposite' the it is a conscious reaction not to understand the communication and to give a different meaning to the interpretation. One need not expect a sympathetic or favourable reaction from such person(s). If the other person is our well wisher or friend and he does not get us properly, then that means our communication skill is bad and we have to learn how to properly communicate.

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