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    When and why do you stop speaking further?

    In a heated argument or in a deep discussion or in a general talk or in chit chat with your friends or in our ISC forums we suddenly stop speaking further. There can be many reasons. For example while discussing something you stop responding because of a point that questions your ideology, you stop arguing if the other person is not ready to listen to you, at times you feel ignored and stop speaking and some times you can't find an answer we silently quit the discussion. Like this there are many situations we fall silent because of some or the other reason. The reasons change with the situation, topic and the persons we are with, but friends what is the most frequent reason for your silence. As for me I stop when the other person is stubborn and not ready to listen to me. What is your reason? Share the most remembered situation of the kind.
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    There are many reasons for when and why do we stop speaking further. When our voice is not heard and the opposite person is simply sticking to his point of view and wont heed to our point of reference and thus it is futile to argue from that point. When on our persistent conveying the right way of our argument supported with examples and happenings, still if the opposite person continues with his view, it is waste to continue. By our withdraw from the on going tussle of words, it is the insult to the opposite person who must feel the pinch of our disobeying him.
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    It happens with me a lot. For few minutes you and your partner engage in a heated argument and when the final verdict comes everything cools off. No further conversation and an awkward silence prevails. I don't really face much of this problem when I'm talking in person, but it happens frequently to me when I text or call people.
    Well, the reasons you mentioned above are all fitting but you have to mention this term too.
    "Saturation point". Everything has a saturation point, even communication. We communicate mainly to inform right?
    What if you exhaust all of your info? You can't take the conversation further and your partner isn't talking.
    In my case it's usually the saturation point that extinguishes a talk.
    What to do in those circumstances? Distract your friend. Play a game. Take them somewhere. Sometimes actions compensate communication better than words. When you do stuff together, there's a lot of conversation going on subconsciously.
    That's how you can renew an extinguished conversation.

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    Some time being silent is better. For example, if any wife and husband are in heated argument, one of them should stop arguing and be silent. So that he other person will realize their mistake after some time. Some people will be very short tempered, they will don't know what they talk when they are temper. But they will realize their mistake once they cool down. So, being silent when arguing with short tempered persons is good option, instead of arguing them and getting disappointed. I will be silent when other person doesn't care about my views or doesn't listen to my views.

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    Yes, Sound comes when two hands join together. Argument is also like that. Generally what I feel is argument between two equals will go in right direction. If a person starts arguing with his boss, boss may not like and finally he will decide on whatever he says. So no use of argument. What I do generally is I put my point before him and if he accepts it is alright otherwise I keep silent and wait for his call back. After implementing his idea if there is any problem he will call and again ask us.
    Similarly in the house also, I never argue with my wife or children. I will tell them my point of view and then leave it to them. Only if any very important matter is there then only I will argue and see that the things will fall in line.
    It is easy to convince a knowledgeable person or a person who don't know anything about the subject. But convincing a half knowledge man is very very difficult. So it is not wise to argue with them.
    Always the arguments should go in a healthy way. You should not argue with a person who is not ready listen. It should not be on personal ground. The argument should be always on topic based. Then we can have a useful discussions. No one should think from whom that point came. If the point is good accept it.

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    Silence is the best weapon when things appear to be going out of the periphery. It is always better to skip a discussion when the other person is not getting convinced and trying to over-ride you to display their knowledge. In such cases, I always avoid the situations but would try to maintain that our self-respect is not harmed.

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