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    Running hand to mouth- Mid day meal

    In one of the far flung area in North East India, in a Government School, when teachers announces to students that today they are going to have a Mid Day Meal, they reply back 'Is this a sick dream'? Or 'Is this some kind of joke'?

    When they hear this particular word 'meal', they naturally assume that they will have a great time filling their stomach to the fullest so that they could be happy. Do you like meal?

    Well... Who can survive without meal and who doesn't like meal. Everybody do... But, how often do you realize that some people and children's starve for food even in this century. Can you believe it? Here, I am referring to POVERTY as one of the major factor responsible.

    Coming to our point...

    Why mid day meals are not properly implemented at Govt. Schools in India, especially in the remote towns, and far flung areas? The higher authority should refer to MDM Rules 2001 and 2015.

    The Govt. Schools are showing negligence to this particular programme or scheme.

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    Midday meals scheme is a good scheme announced by government. But the implementation is very poor. In many schools even food is not cooked. In some school it will be distributed to a few students only. I have seen the way they make, not hygienic Some lady will come from the village. Make some rice and sambar and distribute to a few students. . Lot of misuse of funds is going on in this scheme. Somebody has to monitor the distribution of food carefully otherwise there is no use of this system. Government has to take some action
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    Yes Mid day meals are good source of food to the needy and especially it must be implemented to the school children across the country in pilot project basis. If a student is not hungry he will give full attention to the studies and also be obedient to the school because it is providing one square meal. Fortunately in Telangana every school children are fed with good meal for free and even with eggs. The meal van touches every school by 12 to 1 pm and each student gets good meal every day. The attendance also increased and the studies also improved in government schools. Even in government hospitals through the patronage of ISCKON , the government is providing free meal to patient and attendant for free. This is very noble gesture as those who admitted in government hospitals cannot afford outside expenditure and this free meal is the boon.
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    Mid day meals scheme was initially introduced in Tamilnadu by our then Chief Minister K.Kamaraj during the year 1960. During his tenure of ruling it was continued well but later it was stopped by rulers succeeded him. Later M.G.Ramachandran, Chief Minster of Tamilnadu again introduced the Mid day meals in vogue during the year 1980 and the same was continued by our last CM Ms.J.Jayalalitha. It may be argued that we are making people lazy by providing free meals but the same is a boon to the people actually required. Many poor children do not have capacity of eating breakfast itself and it is a boon to such children when the Gov t. offers Mid day meals. Whatsoever the politics but offering food to the need is really a good one.

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