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    Do you believe that forgiveness is divine?

    In our life we encounter many situations when we have difference of opinion with others and we even quarrel with each other only to make our relations sore. The person who is at wrong side and understands his fault sometimes feels sorry and admits his mistake and asks for pardoning him. These are the times when we should forgive him and take in our arms to rekindle the old relations.

    What do you think about this philosophy? Even if we are at the erring side we should ask for forgiveness because it is the divine gesture which people should take whenever we get opportunity.

    Do you believe that forgiveness is divine?
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    It is very correct. Forgiveness is divine. Difference of opinions will always be there. Between a wife and a husband, between son and parent, between colleagues , between boss and the employee. So the difference opinion is in that particular issue but not with the person. If we think like that i will be easy to forgive people. Even though our stand is correct and the other person is wrong some people will not accept. Leave them Don't argue with them and just leave them, Once if they find that they are at fault they will comeback to you. Be good with them. Everybody will understand their mistakes one day or other. Wait for that time. Forgive them and be human.
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    Yes forgiveness is divine. Those who have the attitude of forgiving even the enemy, he was always regarded the best and times people have changed their attitude on seeing the divine behavior through forgiveness. Generally people think that they would loose the prestige and power that may be by seeking forgiveness, but they does not know that the after effects of such kindness would have lasting effect on the persons who are closely watching the move. And those who does not argue with us also considered to be great because they does not want to prolong the issue and hence keep quiet.
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    Yes forgiveness divine in my opinion too. Every one will do mistakes in their life with or without knowing. But the person who realize his/ her mistake and corrects their mistake will become real human. And seeking forgiveness or saying sorry to other person is a main step of rectifying mistakes. And also forgiving the person who rectifies their mistake and seek forgiveness is also important. Then only we can have well balanced and healthy relationship with others.

    If a person seek for forgiveness, it means that person overcomed his ego. One who have more ego can never seek for forgiveness. An egoistic person will not say sorry, even if he knows he is wrong. So that he can't have healthy relationship with others. So all should overcome their ego and seek for forgiveness if you are wrong, at the same time forgive people when they seek for forgiveness.


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