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    Will you migrate to foreign lands?

    There are many people whose children have got good jobs in foreign countries and they are well settled there as the citizen of that place.

    Many of these children are asking their parents to come over and stay permanently there.

    If you are one such parent what you will do. Will you migrate to those places or prefer remaining in your home land?
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    My preference will always be staying in the home land.
    My elder son was deputed to USA by their Organisation for 18 months. But my son finds it very difficult to stay there and he came back after 10 months. He says you may be able to make a few rupees by staying there but you are losing your society. There are no known persons and relatives there. He always wants to be with people so he came back.
    My second son was asked to go to Australia on official work for 2 years. My son told them if it is one year he will go. They said minimum 2 years. He refused and not taken that offer. That is the nature of my sons, So think about me. I have travelled many countries but what I found is India is the best place to live on. You can have a very luxurious life. You will have a driver, you will have a servant maid and you will have a cloth washing person also. They are very cheap in our country. If you go anywhere outside you will never have these facilities. Everything you have to do on your own. All our relatives and friends will be here only. You will have a better social life here. So I always prefer staying in India.

    always confident

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    For me Hyderabad is the best and I wont even stay for long time even within India, then how come I can agree to stay permanently in a foreign country ? Nothing is best than our mother land and I love to stay in Hyderabad till my last breath. Who are we to stop the children from going abroad and settling there. They should have the attachment with the parents , otherwise they would listen to their better half and move. Myself and my wife would stay in Hyderabad come what may. But we may visit my son or daughter settled in foreign country once in a while out of compulsion.
    K Mohan
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    We always want to improve our knowledge and in that reference we try to migrate from one place to another. For a knowledge seeker it may seem true to migrate to foreign land. We know that our country is still developing and in all the fields it has not reached a pinnacle. So if you think of a biotechnological researcher then there is a less scope for him in India, so he definitely wants to flee in order to learn something. But yes after completing the research it is his wish to stay in abroad or return back to India.

    If I take myself as an example then being an engineer I want to learn the best. In that regards if I get a chance to learn from western countries then I will definitely not compromise. There lots of researches has taken place and what we are suffering today in Indian have all being experienced earlier in developed countries. So I may spend my valuable time in abroad for some period and after acquiring practical knowledge return to my homeland so that I give my best service to India.

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