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    Help regarding -Invoice for payment not generated.

    Hello Webmaster,

    I know its been quite a long time since, I have submitted any article. But I can see my name being announced for cash payment, 22nd May 2017. Still the invoice has not been generated.
    Am I eligible for the payment?

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    Most probably your name is not there in the monthly list of top twenty Members. So, no invoice has been generated for your payment. You won't be able to withdraw your payment this month.
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    If the invoice is generated there would be " details " word written against the payment amount. If that is clicked you will get the information about the invoice to be filled in the following format which I am enclosing for your benefit. If not wait for the next payment announcement.
    K Mohan
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    Yes thanks K Mohan sir. Actually Details is written against the cash payment announcement, I downloaded the invoice also but I don't have Invoice number. Others who received the cash payment for the same month have been given the invoice number. So I was wondering if any other thing is required.

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    Your Invoice number is mentioned on the invoice. It is also mentioned in the announcement on your Profile Page, under 'Gifts & Awards'. FYI this is it Invoice# ISC-32080.
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    You asked "Am I eligible for the payment?" Yes, definitely. A few members have returned after a long gap and claimed their payment late. The Webmasters will issue the payment as and when the invoice is uploaded, so you can upload your invoice now also and get that old payment. Put in the invoice number as mentioned by Juana and fill in all the relevant details in the invoice.

    We will keep this thread open for you in case of any further issues. Once you do receive the payment, let us know here & then we will lock the thread.

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    Thanks Vandana mam for the valuable input. However, I would like to mention that the invoice number mentioned by Juana mam is actually for June, 2014 which I had already claimed and received the payment. I was mentioned for Cash for Cool Resources.

    I have attached a screenshot for your reference kindly check mam.



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    Now I understood. The 'Cash for Cool Resources' is the total amount you have earned for your contributions in the articles section (this section was earlier called Resource section.) It is not the payment which is owed to you. The earnings of your articles will have been part of your payments which, as you said, you have already claimed.

    When you log in and go to that page of which image you have attached & click on 'My credits', selecting 'All' from the drop down list of 'Award Type' then you see the entire list of all your earnings. So this will include, for example, earnings from articles, updates, revenue share bonus, etc and will also show your payments too.

    Let me know if you still require further clarification.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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