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    Why people behave like this, I am surprising.

    In Tamilnadu, there is no practice of sitting of ladies and gents in a same seat of city buses.
    Normally many ladies object in sitting of gents in ladies seats. In any situation I happened to sit in the lady seat I used to get bang from the lady who boards in the bus later. For this, I never sit in the lady seats though I am traveling with my wife or relative ladies.But the pit in this is the ladies traveling inthe bus never offer seat to another lady either old or pregnant or boarding with small child in hand.

    Another surprising thing is the same such ladies shouting at the gents casually hits in the bus, adust well in the share auto without any objection. But I believe it is uncommon in the other states.
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    This same issue was discussed by the author a few months back. Can we shift the focus from the behavior of ladies to better topics?

    May be you can search this thread and find the combination!
    And here is the title "Why this parity even among Ladies'?

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    This is witnessed all over India. In Delhi, when an old lady or a pregnant lady enters a public transport, the ladies remain seated and expect the males would offer their seats to the old or pregnant lady. In this way, ladies do not improve their status or prestige.
    However, as Ms. Juana has stated, this issue has been discussed time and again.

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    In Hyderabad the female commuters are more and they try to occupy the seats earmarked for the gents and thus word of exchanges takes place and conductor has to interfere. One more thing I want to mention here that the TSRTC has provided two seats for the physically challenged and senior citizen in the ladies seats zone. And even that are occupied by the ladies and they wont part with the seat in spite of conductor interference. The senior citizens must be given seats or it must be shifted to gents section. There is a barricade created between ladies and gents section.
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    Ban ladies from sitting on seats meant for gents, physically challenged and senior citizen.
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    Generally ladies seats are meant for ladies. The remaining seats are not only for gents. They are for all. Like general category in reservations. Any body can sit in those seats. We should be happy that ladies are not sitting in these seats leaving their seats vacant for next coming ladies.In reservation if any SC/ST/BC qualifies in general category they will get their seat in general category and next person will get in reserved category.
    Generally it is a good manners, if a senior citizen or Physically challenged person gets into a bus, to offer them a seat. All ladies will not behave in the same way. It depends on the individual person. Sometimes I have seen some gents going and sitting in ladies seat and not vacating them when ladies get in to the bus. The conductor has to interfere and then only they vacate seat.

    Nowadays everybody is telling that ladies and gents are equal. They are also getting equal rights in all fields. Ladies are occupying all positions. Is they really require separate reservation even now? It is my genuine doubt.

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    I am surprised that this thread has not been locked as of yet.

    Also, all this talk of women being comfortable in share auto and cribbing in crowded buses is so critical and disparaging. Let me be blunt in telling the author that the physical proximity in buses is of a different kind. No woman is comfortable feeling the genital of a male brushing against her, or him breathing down her back. I hope you can see the difference of sitting in a cramped auto and someone standing in close proximity, in a bus. Put yourself in a woman's place and see how comfortable you will feel.

    As for the doubt raised by Srinivasa Rao, yes, women are 'fighting' for equality and are proving their mettle in every field. When women and all the intellectuals state that women are equal I am sure they mean in the mental capacity. The equality that we mention is not a physical equality. Women can never be as physically strong as men, nor can men be as endowed as women. Physically we are different.

    A couple of reserved seats in public transport provide a semblance of security in confined spaces that are crowded with men. I do not have to spell out how men behave when they are around women.

    If you are talking of reservations in educational institutes and government jobs, then that is done to encourage more women to come forward and participate. It is generally done to encourage the older generation to allow their daughters to study and work. Women have for centuries been confined and it will take an effort to break the barriers and boundaries that men have created.

    Even in today's day and age, we can find people boasting of achievements of their sons, but not many have glorious words to praise their daughters or daughters-in-law. We are a people who confine our women to homes, even educated women are meant to stay at home.

    An honest question, how many actually permit the women folk in their homes to work. I use the word permit because men control and tell their women what to do. Is that real equality? We have a long way to go. For most, equality is but a mirage.

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    I don't think any woman would feel comfortable in travelling in a shared auto but out of compulsion. Responding from my mobile and there is no need to discuss the issue time and again. Hence locking the thread.

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