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    Is it a development or disaster in respect of cine songs

    The cine songs of years before 1995, was remembered even today irrespective of languages. Many of us singing along with the songs of such period when hearing the same. In many situations, we can remember the lines of songs immediately on hearing the starting music. In some situations we do remember the costumes of the hero or heroine in the song. But nowadays the songs are not of that type or we remember the songs even when we came out of the theater after watching the movie. Is it denoting the development of the cinema Industry or disaster to the industry.
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    Good question raised by the author. Yes I too feel that modern songs are not aimed with good lyrics , but loud music, with most rapping elements and there is no sync between lyrics and music and mostly music is given more credence and lyrics the back seat. And if you come to the visualization of the songs, the gyration, unnecessary bowl movements of the heroine not connected to the lyrics and gestures from the group artistes performing as the dancers would make the song not appreciable by the elders at the home. And as you told we are always connected to the old songs of any language. When the prelude music is played, we immediately connect with the song and we sing with the song as the lyrics are well known. We actually transport ourselves to that scene of those days and that was the involvement of every one of us. But now ?
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    There is a remarkable change in song lyrics and song music if you compare today's songs with that of old songs.

    The old generation is giving place to new generation and the present audience is comprising of more young people and film industry is churning music as per their liking. The western music elements have been incorporated in Indian music to create rap, pop and other effects.

    In old times a song was considered comprising of two distinct parts - lyric and music. We remember many old songs because of the strength of their lyrics while some are still admired for their remarkable music.

    Today music is dominating the scene rather than lyrics and songs are coming and getting popular for a while and being forgotten in no time.

    The industry tries to give what the audience wants in order to maximise it's returns and in this process compromise with quality.

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    A song will have lyrics and music. In earlier years lyrics are playing important role and music is made according to the lyrics. But slowly the western culture come in to domination and importance of music is increased. The effect of western music has come and occupied a major portion. So songs are not catchy with lyrics getting a back seat. If the lyrics are not known you will not remember the song. But in between directors like Mr.K.Viswanath are bringing in very good movies with good songs which are remembered. Swathi Muthyam, Sirisirimuvva, Sagara Sangamam, sankarabharanam and many more such movies are having very good songs which are remembered by many even today. I think recently there a little change. At least some songs are good to remember.
    Music and lyrics to be given equal importance for songs to be remembered for ever.

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