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    Why any Central or State government not taking care about farmers and weavers?

    Any government come whether Congress or BJP at center or State not taking any proper initiative for the protection of farmers and weavers except praising and promising them highly during election time. Farmers and weavers getting ill treatment in any government and hundreds of farmers and weavers dying by suicide themselves throughout the country. Farmers and weavers due to debts, lack of proper prices for their produce, lack of funds to maintain their activities are very much get depressed in their life. Today due to police firing on the farmer agitators of M.P five farmers died. A very progressive government like BJP at present, why it is not taking any strong initiative to solve the problems of farmers and weavers? Much percent of our GDP is based on our Agriculture only. Why can't the government see the welfare of farmers and weavers?
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    Yes it pains very much to see the pathetic condition of farmers and weavers. The Annadhaatha must be kept happy otherwise, we cannot get the food in future. Only half an hour back I was watching a news video from Maharastra where in the farmers were simply pouring the milk on the road, throwing the vegetables on the road, and their frustration is taken out in different forms. It is the high time central government must intervene and give them immediate relief to mitigate their problem. When Industries are helped with tax holidays and subsidies, why not farmers with largess and waiver of loans.
    K Mohan
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    It is true Government always had a rough hand on farmers and weavers. A farmer take money and put it in to filed. There is no guarantee that he will get back the money. Till the moment crop reaches his house and get sold,t we can't say anything about his fate. Cultivation is a very important profession In India and many people live on that. But government goes around the countries and address the industrialists to come and start their business. But they never think about the help for farmers. Poor farmers are suffering. Nobody will come to their rescue. At any time if the farmers stop cultivation, everybody will understand their importance. Already many farmers selling their land for real estate business and shifting to cities. Government has to think seriously about this and do some thing to protect the interest of farmers and weavers. Many Weavers and farmers dying for want of food.
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    It is not that Govt is sitting idle on the plight of farmers and weavers. There are various Govt schemes through which they are getting many benefits, concessions and subsidies.

    Unfortunately due to low prices of commodities at production and manufacturing point these people are not getting adequate money and the middle men are making money by selling these products in retail markets in town and cities. There is a chain of traders from wholesalers to retailers who are coming in picture and everyone is making profit and the final retail price in the city is quite high. India is such a big country and these operations are on a massive scale and Govt is sometimes appearing to be helpless in the matter.

    Some radical changes are required in the system like formation of cooperatives at village level and then directly selling the products to the consumer but these require strong and strict governance which is unfortunately not there.

    Let us see whether present Govt is able to bring some changes in the system so that these people at the grass root level may be benefitted.

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    Over the past few days the unrest of the farmers across the country has taken worst turn. First it was Tamil Nadu farmers who sat on the strike for over 40 days to show their resentment on not giving MSP on varied farm products. Then it was Mirchi farmers of Guntur who literally ransacked the Agriculture market yard for being indifferent to their plight. And now Maharastra farmers damaged their own crop on the road to express their displeasure. All these can be tackled with a separate budget for farming community. Any takers ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The farmers agitation in M.P. ruled by BJP is turning into violent as buses and public property were bunt on the roads. This should become an eye opener for both Center and State governments to concentrate on the problems of farmers suffering all over India.

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    The political or governmental leadership should have the will and conviction to deal matters in their prosper perspective. If the issue raised is genuine, it has to be addressed and solved immediately. However if the issue raised is not genuine and right, then it has to be dealt with willpower and nipped in the bud itself. Dilly-dallying for a long time and then conceding even unjustifiable demands has become a way now.
    It is always 'our side' and 'their side'. The political parties deal the same issue in different way when they are in the opposition and in the ruling side. That is not right. Many small issues become unmanageable only because of this reason.

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    By the way in shocking revelations which has gone viral on the social media, it is some group of Congress workers who turned as the farmers and created havoc in MP and the police have identified them, thanks to the social media coverage of the entire episode and loaded on the net.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Some opposition parties are trying their level-best to create disturbances in various parts of the country and to blame BJP for such disturbances. In some cases, they are directly conniving with anti-national media and political groups. This is nothing but cheap politics.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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