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    Why we give liberty to the friends to scold us in bad words and we wont take it seriously ?

    Why we give liberty to the friends to scold us in bad words and we wont take it seriously ? Yes I have often experienced and seen that close friends who are known to us since childhood would call us by pet names or nick names and also take greater liberty to scold us in front of even elites and educated and that wont matter for them. When our parents or relative chide us, we get offended and even retaliate with protest. What is your opinion on this. Do your friends also take liberty to scold you with bad words and you wont mind ?
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    This taking liberty by friends completely depends on the individual. If a friend scolds you, you can also scold him. That means both of you are very close friends. Close friends scoldings are not taken seriously because we have the liberty to scold him also. This is just a fun to them and they enjoy this. But when it comes to relatives if somebody scolds it is for a reason. Without any reason no relative, sister, brother, father or mother will scold us. Because they are pointing out your mistake and if you don't accept your mistake then you will retaliate. If you know you have done a mistake some people keep quiet, when we receive scoldings , but some will not accept, there the problem comes.
    In fact friends scoldings are for fun only.
    I never take the liberty of scolding friends nor I allow them. From my childhood I am like that only.

    always confident

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    I think scolding and using abusive language can be done separately or together. In our day to day lives we don't take banters from our friend in highly informal language, seriously because we know that we are not getting scolded. But when your friend scolds you, you can identify the difference and react according to your instantaneous behavior. Scolding is a certain other thing because it's like an angry moment where the normal words could also have the same effect and you react on the tone and then maybe on the words if they are abusive enough and are in the resonance with scolding tone.

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    Whenever we do mistakes or wrong things or going in a wrong way, there are two persons who can correct us one is our close relatives like father, mother, brother, sister, wife, son, daughter and second is friend. Other persons in general will go just like that as they have no specific interest on us. In Thirukkural itself told as a king might be get spoiled if he has no person to correct him in the kural starts as 'idippaar......'. Nowadays, we donot permit the close relatives to correct us or indicate us when we err but a friend without seeking our permission peep his or her head to correct us.

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    Friendship with any person means there are no formal ties between us and if he is a childhood friend it is very difficult to check or correct each others language.

    Friends generally take liberty with us and do not bother for the durroundings. We have to examine ourselves whether we also behave with them in the same manner or in a reserved way. If both are similar then none is to be blamed.
    In case of difference one of us may get hurt on occasions.

    True friendship is based on faith and trust and formalities do not count in this relationship.

    Knowledge is power.

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