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    Does Guns use for VIPs are brought to Government notice?

    As we knew that Guns are used by VIPs to safeguard themselves from different types of threats as they face. Does the Guns which are issued by VIPs are brought to Government notice and under what criteria they will give this Gun license to VIPs and who they report for this?. Under which circumstance they use these weapons? Does VIPs can hold private Guns. Knowledgeable members please respond to the question
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    Anyone can own a gun, the only thing is you have to obtain a license for it and register it with your local police station. The license has to be renewed periodically. Every State has its own licensing authority.

    Also, during times such as elections, the arms have to be deposited at the police station. It is returned to the licensee, after the election is over.

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    Can Guns can be soled in Private market? Because I saw a shop near Lakadikapul in Hyderabad
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    I am sure if the dealer is selling the arms openly, in a shop, he must have a license for doing so. If you have seen the shop, the authorities too must be aware of it - and it must be a legal business.
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    One has to take the permission of local police to which the leader belongs and they will coordinate for the license and its every year renewal for the gun license. And every one cannot own a gun unless and until one proves the security threat for the life and the police should get convinced.
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    I know people who have no security threat but own a licensed gun. There is no rule that only those with a security threat can own a gun. Anyone can own a gun - a background check is done to check the antecedents of the person and only after a police clearance is given is a license issued.
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    If any body wants to have a gun they should apply for permission under arms act. The application is to be submitted to the district collector. He will refer it to the SP of the district. Once they give a clean chit collector will issue the licence for holding a gun. Any one can apply for it. There is no exemption for VIPs also. Everybody has to follow the procedure. VIPs may get it fast because of their influence.
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    Mr. Bhushan: I am planning to purchase a Swiss knife or Commando knife for myself. Is it available at the shop in Hyderabad which you have mentioned?
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    How can they justify it is used for self-defense. In Bihar and other faction regions or states, we all knew that how Guns will be used.Is it necessary to give the gun license to everybody? How will the bullets be given?
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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