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    When Rahul Gandhi has failed as Vice President, what can be expected if becomes President of party

    Yes we know that in politics the respect and the recognition is got through the positions they occupy in their own party and that is essential too. Ever since Rajiv Gandhi, died, the Congress party seems to be uncomfortable with a formidable leader at the helm of affairs. Though Sonia Gandhi was there as President, she cannot confront the onslaught of opposition from BJP and thus she slowly sidelined herself by making Rahul as vice president of the party. But over these years, he could not bring any glory to the party and his next elevation as President of the party on cards by Oct. What can he bring to the party ?
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    I think with that step congress party we will vanish. Rahul Gandhi will be the last president of that party. The day he entered into politics without knowing alphabets of politics the ruin of congress party started. It will be completed with his becoming the party president.

    As MP and vice president of the party what are the achievements? I can say ZERO. Many times he has become a laughing stock in many places. Even his mother don't know much about politics. But she is surrounded by a gang who used her for their benefit and get her benefited also. Lot of money made. Now they want to continue the same. But you can't fool the voters every time. So they last. There are no capable hands in congress now. Rahul has to go down. Some prominent youth leader has to be inducted as president. They should forget about corruption. Then only somebody can think of congress.

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    The Congress party cannot survive without the Nehru family. Once Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi step aside, the Congress party will disintegrate. There is no alternative for that party except that family. For good or bad, they have to stick with them. Jyuthiraditya Scindia is a capable person. The Congress party should be under the family and they have to project a person like Jyotiraditya as their Prime Ministerial candidate.
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    Sonia-ji and Rahul-ji are not at all comfortable with politics; but the leadership of the party was thrust upon them. As a result, Congress is going downhill. The better leaders of the party are not allowed to the top positions because of infighting in the party.

    So, no hope can be seen for the party in near future.

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