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    While proposing why girl like the boy bending a kneel and offering a rose ?

    It is often shown in the movies and even in the reality shows that a boy is proposing to the girl, he bends his one of the knee and offers a rose to express his pleasure to accept the proposal of love. Yes it really attracts even the on lookers and it must floor the girl too. Because it is the state of utmost request and that cannot be discarded just like that. Moreover the girl may be adorable, elegant, beautiful and even with arresting looks, but they do want her follower to propose the love in different way. What is your view on this ?
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    It shows the sincerity of the boy towards her. It shows how much the boy is concerned about the love and marriage with that girl. The King who lost the battle has to hand over his weapon to the victorious King in the same fashion. It denotes that the king has accepted his loss and agrees to be a subordinate to the other king. Here also the boys says that her beauty made her to win over him and he accepts that he will be always like that in future also. Then the girl will get confidence in that boy and may accept his proposal.

    But if you see the marriage, the boy will garland the girl by sitting only but the girl has to get up from the seat and bend and garland the boy. The situation changed. These are all our customs only I think.

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    First things first, what makes you think that girls like guys going down on one knee? Maybe the guys like proposing that way – or rather they like aping the west.

    Going down on one knee is a western way of proposing to a woman. By, the proposal here it means asking the woman if she would be the man's wife. The bending down is followed by a question – will you marry me? Or will you be my wife? There is a ring involved, usually a diamond or an heirloom or some other precious stone.

    What is done in India is a copy of a western tradition. Instead of the ring guys here give a rose, because more often than not, in India when someone says 'proposed' they usually imply, to go steady – become a boyfriend/girlfriend. Guys here do not take the decision to marry – right?. That is the parents' job.

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    I don't know whether every girls like this or not but most of them will definitely get emotional and may even be ready to be bride of that boy. As boy is willing to go on knees to get the consent of the girl for marriage that in front of the many peoples, it kind of shows that the boy doesn't have much ego issues specially regarding male chauvinism we see all-around the world and specially in country like ours where in many parts girls are not even asked for once before their marriages are arranged. Such things definitely makes a girl emotional and also impresses them.
    But such things happens only in case where the boy does such thing genuinely and is serious about such matter otherwise a mere showoff is clearly visible and easily detected by the sharp brain and eyes of a girl and she will definitely reject such proposal.

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    Kneeling down and offering a rose is a British culture, not an Indian culture. However, a boy has to kneel down in his life to have a good life without a break in their life. There are girls who expect to be respected, and there are girls who respect the boys. It is the people in India who follow the foreign culture who kneel down to offer a rose to the girl.
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    Kneeling down and offering a rose might be a foreign culture or a western culture.What matters here is , how much the boy is loving a girl.A true lover can only do this as he wants the girl to get convinced and accept his love.It is one of the beautiful way of proposing a girl asking her to be a lifetime partner. Everyone has their own way of expressing love to their respective partners. Some say "Will you marry me" and some " I love You".

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    Frankly speaking, I find this custom of kneeling down and proposing a girl dramatic and ridiculous. No sensible girl gives importance to this dramatic gesture, rather the girl checks the quality of the boy while considering his proposal of marriage.

    Such drama does not have any place in present materialistic society (either western or eastern). It has now become a meaningless ritual devoid of any chivalry.

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    In my view, not every girl might like this idea of their boyfriend kneeling down before to propose them. But this culture of proposing is widespread and is accepted by many because it had a lot of emotions involved in it. Like many of our members had said earlier, it portrays that man has become submissive to her inner beauty or love.

    Some girls might like this way of proposal as they like a man who cares and loves them with zero ego issues and this proposal by kneeling down exactly shows this. There is no guarantee for the approval of your love just because she like your way of proposal, because a girl has to do many complex calculations before doing it. if every calculation regarding the boy are satisfied, then this way of proposal may be the cutest and will be memorable for the couple in their married life.

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