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    ' Do or Die ' is changed to 'Do and Die'.

    People used to say in earlier days you have to do this or you have to accept you that are not capable of doing which is equivalent to your death. The message that is being conveyed here is you have to take any work seriously and should complete. You should try till you die. you may complete or you may not complete before your death. But you should keep on trying

    Now the new saying is at any cost you should complete the work. You can't leave it unfinished.

    The difference is in will. When you start a work earlier we used to think we should complete this work. Only death can stop us from completing the work. Now when we start a work we should determine ourselves that we will complete this job at any cost. Nobody including death also can't prevent us from completing this work. The level of confidence and determination increased now.

    What is your opinion.
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    I feel you are either self contradicting or saying both are same.
    'Do and die' you interpret as"The level of confidence and determination increased now." I am noble to understand that .Is it not tragic- do, but death is sure.

    The earlier 'do or die' just meant that one has to fight against the enemy,so you win or die as a valiant. You are not expected to suffer and subject meekly. It simply speaks of valour and courage.

    Please look again on it. If I am misunderstanding then kindly clear me.

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    Do or die was told in the context that one must either perform or perish. But not every one can be a performer. Some may be just learner, some may be average performer, some may be waiting for the others to initiate, some may be superlative. So do or die cannot become do and die. And one more thing when the task or the aim is accomplished, one would like to live a contended life and in that case how come they end the life. Do or die is the compulsion, but do and die is the option. When the mission accomplished the wish to live for more years emerges and that is but natural. By the way in this competition world you must sustain with the performance on daily basis. If your concept of do and die should be taken as motto, then with one achievement , the history is closed for the person and that is wrong.
    K Mohan
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    What I mean is, if I have taken a task, I should not leave it in between. Only death can prevent me not to achieve that goal. But in the second one come what may, I should do it before I die. I think I am able to make the difference clear.
    always confident

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    " the second one come what may, I should do it before I die."- That is, it is not an immediate or priority task, but an ardent goal to be achieved in one's life time . Like our wish to visit a holy place at least once before we die. So in the first case there is rigidity, in second case there is some flexibility about time some accomplishing. Did I get it right now?

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    In the pursuit of completing the task I may face death also, I should complete this job before that. What I am trying to make is even death also can't prevent me from completing this task.

    Your interpretation may also be correct.

    always confident

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