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    Subsidies given and debts relieved to farmers is severely affecting Indian economy

    The RBI governor Mr.Urjit Patel today commented giving subsidies to farmers and clearing debts of farmers affecting the growth of Indian economy. So he adviced government not to go with this. The back of our Indian economy is agriculture. Because of agriculture only people of India are able to survive without much problems related to scarcity of food like in some other countries of the world. Many developed and developing countries are providing more and more assistance to farmers to promote food production in their countries. If farmers stop cultivating in our country due to severe problems, the life of common man become very hard due to import of food from other countries. In this context do you support the advice given by RBI governor to the government.
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    RBI governor would have said this just by looking at the data figures with him in a matter of fact way. But a nation cannot be run just by facts and figure analysis only.

    Agriculture and agriculturists are the basic pillars essential for not just the nation, but the whole world. Hence always agriculture and agriculturists are given certain preferences and concessions. Agriculture cannot be treated like a manufacturing industry. Farmers should be ensured sufficient profit reckoning the input costs and their own labour. The marginal and small framers incur losses many times due to the insufficient prices for their harvests or due to crop losses by adverse weather ad calamities.
    In such cases they may no be able to repay the loans taken. At those times they need support from the society and nation. Such things were already in place. Then why they are not properly handled or implemented?

    If genuine farmers incur regular losses,they get disenchanted , desperate and will lose interest in cultivation. Their helpless situation will be exploited by vested interests very cleverly. Govt and people should be vigilant against this. Many times keeping the small farmers in front the large farmers and rich get their things done leaving the small to their fate.

    The proper and best way is to redress the grievances at the very first instance of knowing that.

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    RBI governor is the head of banking system in India and over the years in India it has become practice for the political parties to promise for farm loan waiver and that was actually initiated by the Congress government headed by Indira Gandhi. I remember Janardhan Poojary was the Finance Minister, and loan melas were conducted with vast loans sanctioned by the 14 nationalized banks and they are asked to waive the loans. During that period the loans were availed less by farmers and more by Congress workers and thus the banks were forced to bear the loss and that is continuing even today. So I support the RBI governor on his mention. At the same time when India is depending on agriculture, provisions must be made by the banks to address the issue of loan waivers.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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