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    Who do you think will be upcoming President of India?

    Today the Chief election commisoner Naseem Zaidi had announced the tentative dates for Presidential election.

    He informed that election is scheduled on July 17
    Counting will be done on July 20 and
    President term will expire on July 24.

    So with this detail a wave of presidential election has started. People are guessing about the next name associated with the first citizen of India. Who do you think is most appropriate for this chair?
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    For the first time much hype has been created for the office of Next President of India. Normally the vice President occupying the chair would be tipped as the President and the hunt will be for the vice President. But this time the BJP is having sufficient majority and wants to have its own candidate supported by NDA allies. One must appreciate that PM Modi was adjusting all these three years with Congress nominated Pranab Mukerjhee and every body felt that there would uneasy relations with them. But both have behaved well so far the the relations were cordial. The united opposition which met at Vijayawada under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi were considering the candidate of Deva Gouda as the Next Presidential candidate from their side. But for the ruling BJP there are many candidates in their list and the announcement would be made shortly. Nevertheless the contest is going to be interesting..
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    We must not speculate in this regard. However, It can be stated that the candidate nominated by the ruling BJP will win the election. The opposition parties, even if united, does not stand a chance in the oncoming Presidential election.
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    It is again the matter of numbers.Here the electoral college.

    I had wished APJ Abdul Kalam to get a second term. It did not happen. I felt the present President Sri.Pranab Mukherjee is worth for a second term. But he has said that he is not interested for that.
    Now I do not want to take a guess also. As general public we do not have a vote or role to elect our nation's President. Let the MPs and MLAs take a right choice and decision. We put trust on their collective wisdom. If there is unanimity, then that is preferable.

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    I feel it is better if Mr.Modi talks to the present President and make him agree for one more term. Then he will be the unanimous candidate. But if we see the present position it may not happen. Many names are being floated around. These are all rumours. It is reported in the newspapers that opposition parties wanted Deva Gowda as their candidate. BJP has not given any name so far. Mr.Advani not interested as per the news. So we have to wait and see, for this. Suspense continues till BJP declares their candidate,
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    Why speculate and break our head for a position not worthy of any importance. Whether it is RAM or Ravan, Sita or Mandodari, what difference does it make to the citizens of India. To me, DevGouda as recommended by the opposition is not a fitting choice. Pranab's second term is a good choice. BJP should think of making Advani as POI. Let us wait and watch the changing scenes in Rashtrapati Bhavan.
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    With much pleasure and anxiety I'm waiting for the next president of our country. Even though president election doesn't have any role in life of normal people I wish sushama swaraj Mam to be next president. May be PM May lost his best cabinet minister but people of our country will be getting a wonderful women with a big heart who's being with people who gives much importance to humanity.

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    President of India should be a well matured old man or woman who knows politics. He should be sincere and straight forward. He should take the decisions on his own. He should not fear or favour the ruling party. Sushma Swaraj is too young to hold the post of President of India. We should not keep a dynamic leader like Sushma in a dummy post. BJP should recommend Sonia Gandhi for the post of President. Since Rahul is going to be President of the Congress party, Sonia should be made India's President.
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    So far as Mr. Pranab Mukherjee is concerned, he is now busy in developing the political career of his son and his daughter. His son, Abhijit Mukherjee, is now an MP from Jangipara Lok Sabha Constituency of Murshidabad District of West Bengal. But his political groundwork is not very strong. He has won this seat thanks to Mr. Adhir Mukherjee, presently most famous Congress leader in West Bengal. On the other hand, Pranab's daughter, Sharmishtha Mukherjee has been made Congress spokesperson and she is stationed at Delhi.

    If Pranab Mukherjee becomes President for the second time, the political career of his children will be jeopardized.

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